Good Enough For The Tate Gallery Or What?

Yet another episode of my highly respected to the point of boredom series.

HOW TO: Turn a set of ladders into a true work of art, and it only takes four hours to create.

Step by step by step guide, minus instructions for reasons yet to be revealed:

Aspect number 1:


Aspect number 2:


Aspect number 3:


Aspect number 4:


Dummies guide…


Except,, instructions for how to achieve such works of art here are all written in Spanish, not the easy version, the technical sort. Hey ho, fun time again. The pictures above were the finished article, but the guide to get there was of the “no comprendo” sort …

Fortunately my other half was an engineer all his working life. Still took him four hours to work it all out though. For each different work of art he created, bless him, he took a proud photo. Even I was proud too, it was a mutual agreement. 

However, I don’t get involved with such matters. As a member of the fairer sex, farting about with ladders is about as appealing as looking round the power tool section of a hyper size DIY store. I’d rather take up basket weaving, or learn to play a trumpet with one arm tied behind my back, while no doubt falling asleep from boredom.

So now you’re familiar with the contents of the trolley we sort of borrowed from Aldi. Pushing the darn thing a full mile uphill, blimey that was some feat of engineering too.

Note: Now the thrill of nicking a trolley and returning it has gone, I’ll never mention Aldi again, promise…

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