Absolutely Spiffing Old Bean

Remember the sandy rain?

Remember the mess it made of the tiles outside?

Remember the fact that we bought a power washer and our neighbour {pretended} to walk off inside his house with it? That’s the one whereby their friends who were supposed to be on their way home didn’t bother doing so, and our taxi driver with a {pretend} broken back joined the crowd. {Classic stuff}

What I forgot to mention about that particular incident is that {our neighbour} also asked us if we’d come round and do all his tiles too. We got that much, but I’m not sure if he understood the bit about loaning it out for a small fee… We gave them a plant pot one day, and they gave us some sausages. I kid ye not, that’s how things work here. Oh, and sharing exotic plants is the norm. We’re getting used to the warmth from the people, not just from the sun now, and both are overwhelmingly wonderful…

Example of before the power washer made it’s maiden debut:





The tradesman’s entrance…



The curly stairs up from the main entrance…


Master bedroom balcony…



The roof terrace, which WAS like a sandpit. (Photos taken from inside the conservatory with a thousand windows to clean…)



Excellent job honey, now don’t forget the driveway with those lighter coloured tiles that hide the sand from the human eye…

No, no, I haven’t been sat on my ass while he’s been doing all that, my own “back breaker” was to clean and polish all tiles inside. Tools involved include:

  • Fancy mop plus bucket.
  • Then a buffer thingy.

TIP: Clean all windows inside and out first, sounds easy? The tops are out of reach, and the arched one’s are even higher. So “one” has to dangle precariously upon a pair of step ladders INSIDE, open the windows to come INSIDE, and clean the OUTSIDES also from INSIDE. (Keep up). Why not get a window cleaner? Well, there’s cast iron grills that kind of prohibit such a feat.

Summed up it’s still a job in progress, just like Dave’s. Two days down, probably another two to go. Personally I envy what he’s doing, because I’d rather be OUTSIDE in flip flops and shorts spraying water about…

So we’re having an Easter day off tomorrow, going out with some friends on a big long walk to,, wherever…

We’ll get back to the grindstone, well,, whenever…

So whatever,, the drive has to have first priority because if we come in through those gates, sandy footsteps will be sure to follow. God forbid, even a piece of fluff looks like a tumbleweed now. 

Thank god they only have “sandstorm rain” here once or twice a year. No, I’m definitely not complaining, there is no need to. It’s the exact opposite of all year round sodden ground in the UK, and there’s no cleaning that up… 

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