I’ve been ill for the last few days, well that’s the nice vague version of it. Truth be told it’s a stomach bug and I’ve been sat in solitary confinement on the loo for two of them.


{Except it’s even worse when the sun’s out and we had plans to go somewhere different every day} So seeing as I’m “stuck” at the moment, I’ll refer to last week. We went out with friends twice for a meal. Different days, different places, and one of them involved a Magical Mystery bus tour for us:

Views from the first “menu de la dia.” Sat outside eating an evening Med feast, with the sun going down on the mountains…


Same one’s we can see from down our road, except this is a better view because it’s a couple of miles closer…



Views from the second “menu de la dia.” Sat outside eating a different evening Med feast, sun not far off going down beyond the sea…




One day in the mountains, another in the sea, it’s a regular occurrence…

So we’ve transferred all our thwarted plans for this week to next week, no big deal. In fact, since I started writing this another day has gone by and I feel a lot better, so we’re off out tomorrow. Knowing where we’re going, it’ll probably involve a restaurant overlooking the Med — again. Sit outside to eat — again. Breathe in the atmosphere till it fills your bones — again, and do the Ahhhhh thing — again. It NEVER gets boring, you can’t overdose on glorious. Same can be said for just sitting in the garden, or on the balcony, or on the roof terrace at home…


Only in hindsight have I realised how trapped we really were in the UK. Spare time was all about keeping warm, which meant remaining inside (anywhere) as much as possible. But we took it all in our stride and “made the most of things” just like everyone else.

By the winter of 2012 we’d already made the decision that neither of us could do another winter in the UK. So we went to Spain… It was a defining moment for us, and we both agreed that we couldn’t willingly do any season back there anymore… It would have been so easy to return “home,” forget the “dream” and slip back into the same drab routine of life…

Thankfully it was too late for that, we’d seen the possibility of a better future abroad and were determined to make it happen. So we spent the rest of 2013 doing our research in depth. Starting with where in Spain was best for us? Mr Google was on overtime. Pick your spot, go over there for a few months, walk the whole area, and find out. Many months later we did…

Someone once said, “you’ll know within a week if it’s the right place for you or not.” They were right, and fortunately the place was right too. But we weren’t going to be impulsive about things, the head has to rule the heart when it comes to such major decisions…

So in Feb 2014 after looking at more than 30 properties, we bought our real dream house, then had to reluctantly leave it a month later to go back to the UK and begin cutting the ties. There was a lot of work to do, including selling the boat. {Still trapped, even though we owned a place in the sun} We put all our personal stuff in storage and lived out of suitcases for two months, thank goodness we were leaving all the furniture behind! Perseverance had to rule the head.

Well this is getting far too boring so I’ll shut up, except for the good bit:

The whole process took us to October last year, by November we were free to move on, so we took off into the sunset ASAP for good. Family and friends are free to visit whenever they like, that’s the way it works. However we still HAVE to go back there later this month to tie up the last of the last of the loose ends. Dreading it.


I saw on the news this morning that today was officially the warmest day of the year in the UK, but the sun was blighted by thick polluted smog. The authorities made sure the media blamed it on Europe and Africa. {Wring hands} So I wrote a big long diatribe about what a load of crap that was and why…

Oh what a waste of this perfectly good blog post! I really couldn’t give a stuff anyway, so I’ve removed all the written smog from it…


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