Fit To Fly Or Not?

That’s been the question of the day…

I bought some new high heel shoes and wore them last night for the first time, really comfy they were too. On the way down to meet up with some friends it struck me that they might be a bit flimsy, but never mind. On the way home they were still intact, till I stepped down off a curb and this happened:


Of course my ankle went with the darn thing on a 90 degree angle to the rest of my leg. Cringe and oops, there was no pain at first because it just went numb. Not ideal but passable. So I walked a mile home in bare feet…

However it woke me up in the middle of the night with the absolute opposite of NUMB. Made me wish we had a potty under the bed, walking to the loo was a true feat of endurance. (Excuse pun).

By morning it was even worse, I suspected it might be broken. So we’ve spent all afternoon at Torrevieja hospital, not knowing if flying back to the UK next weekend was even possible. A broken leg means wheelchair access on and off a plane.

During the tedious / ultra stressful process of booking everything last week, and the number of truly freak hurdles we had to jump over. The thought of trying to unravel the whole process and cancel everything was horrendous. When booking a flight, wheelchair access is always an option, but at the time it was about as necessary as a kitchen sink. 

So what was the diagnosis? After a couple of X-rays, no bones broken. But there’s damage to ligaments on both sides and even my leg’s swollen up. End result:


The bandages go right down to my toes, and putting this slipper on was a pain squealing moment, so there’s no way I’m taking it off for a photo. Even thought about keeping (the slipper) on in bed…

Treatment wise, I’m not supposed to walk on it at all for three days minimum. Two different kinds of pain killers were prescribed, and anti-inflammatory cream for when the strapping has been removed…

Despite this grotty experience I was mightily impressed with the very high standard of care, service, cleanliness, and to top it all the pretty view outside whilst sat in a wheelchair waiting to be assessed…

We’ve heard all about the Spanish Healthcare System being one of the best in the world, well now it’s been experienced personally, I have to agree. It also shows up how truly shabby the (UK) NHS is, but we already knew that anyway… There is absolutely no comparison whatsoever…   


Anyway, lesson learned – never buy walking shoes from a superstore. Stick with the designer stuff at discount prices. They don’t fall to pieces, and I should’ve known better…

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