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After yesterday’s hospital trauma, my nearest and dearest has installed me outside in the shade, with the painful gammy foot up on a cushion perched on a table, and a leg attached to it that’s slowly swelling to the knee. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, bored, and as you can tell, feeling extremely sorry for myself…

With the best of intentions he even offered to help me up the 36 stairs to the sunny roof terrace, but his idea was politely declined. Too hot and uncomfortable up there when you’re in pain, even the sun’s healing power won’t help this…

And I’m still a bit worried about whether I’ll be able to get on that plane on Saturday…

Well that’s enough of that, let’s return to some cheeriness. {Past tense} 

After our Magical Mystery Tour a couple of weeks ago, reminder of the awesome views if you missed them. (God, it must sound like I’m incapacitated a lot with the heading of that). Not true! It’s just a “two things too close together” situ.

A couple of days later we decided to catch the bus and go a bit further on. Views from where we sat… 




THIS IS WHAT WE’RE SURROUNDED BY, every day, every season, and it never ceases to amaze…


Before we moved here I assumed there wasn’t much greenery in Spain, well beat that if you can, and it goes on for miles and miles. Would have been no big deal to us if there wasn’t much of it about at all. The mountains alone are a truly gorgeous sight, interspersed with awesome, dramatic, sun soaked landscape down to the sea. Such lush greenery is just an added extra… Can you get views like this in the UK all year round? “The green, green land of home?” Definitely not…

[Branches are bare for a long time, and there’s hardly ever any warm sun to go with such an eye opener – always a cool breeze at the best of times now. No doubt a noisy road network nearby would also invade the ears, we know, we’ve lived “rural” there. The A38 and the A50 and a main railway line dissected the countryside around us…]


As opposed to going out for meals and the free views that go with them here, even basic food shopping is a pleasure. Staying local, this is how a “Appy Aldi” day works:

We walk a mile down the road surrounded by hills, trees, mountains, and, oh yes, the Med. All of which are constantly in view if not all at once. Even the houses we pass are extremely pretty with exotic gardens to match, our own included. Just to add to that we pass six open air swimming pools on the way… Splosh Splash…

I swear that particular small scale supermarket should win an award for having some of the most outstanding views in the world, and it’s not the only one. Ordinary stores with extraordinary scenery.

First port of call is the cafe nearby to sit outside for a snack and a glass of wine. If friends are sat out the front of our local bar on the way back to said destination, then shopping time is delayed till “oh,, sod it,, whenever.” I can’t describe how truly relaxing that is.

Eventually, when you “finally” get back home {with the greatest of respect} you sit and laugh at the shopping receipt. In every sense, living here is cheap, yet the quality is better than anything we’ve ever known. Out of experience, I’d say Florida is the closest, but prices there are slightly higher.

If you believe that old gem:

“You get what you pay for”

In good old Blighty where standards everywhere are much lower, it’s true. But the difference in quality between here and there is profound, and from experience, the exact opposite…

So go on, berate me about those shoes that nearly broke my ankle? My fault, take another look at them, they’re not walking shoes at all. Like I said, it was my own daft idea. NEVER be tempted to buy bargain basement shoes from a Chinese sh*t shop, however nice they look. We’d only gone in there to buy a new bathmat…

When I can get out again, Deichmann will be my first port of call, quality designer shoes and handbags, at low prices you wouldn’t believe. {Woman heaven}

The last pair of shoes I bought there had an original price tag of 95 euros, knocked down to 55, (I kid ye not), got to the till and they were just 35. It happens a lot that in designer shops here, original price you’d expect with a strike through, current very reasonable price underneath. Yet when you get your euros out, you get change too…!

And they all seem to do very nicely, even “ZARA” after all it’s problems last year is still up and running…

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