Spectacular Views

Like Ships That Pass In The Night

Except it’s about plane’s that pass during the day, and who’s on them…

Some friends of ours back in the UK have a villa out here. Without knowing, we all booked flights on the same day. Except we’re going there, and they’re coming here. Not only is it the same day, but it’s roughly the same time too, which means at some point we’ll go past each other up at 40,000 feet or so… Fascinating…

Being as I’m bored with HAVING to be sat in a chair at the moment, I worked out roughly where our paths will cross in the sky. It’ll be somewhere over southern France, so we’ve arranged to wave at each other…

While on the subject of flying high:

Here’s an awesome sunrise, taken from the plane whilst coming in to land at Alicante airport, after a silly o’ clock {knackering} flight time…


The leg’s improving now, so at “take off hour” on Saturday:

This is the likes of what we’ll have to say goodbye to…


And this…


And this…


{Note: These photos were all taken in the middle of winter}

I know it’s only for 10 days, but right now my heart says it feels like about 10 months.

Well, that’s how deep Spain “grabs ya.” It’s charm is truly powerful. Move over here for a better lifestyle, and the place moves into your heart and soul forever…

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