This Time Tomorrow We’ll Be Back In The UK

And we’re both dreading it, and we’ve both had to prepare ourselves. Ask any Brit who lives here, everyone says the same thing: “I could only willingly do three days back there, max.”

Don’t get the wrong end of the stick, nobody actually hates the place they originated from. As the psychiatrist said to the patient:

“In order to be capable of hate, you must hate yourself.”

Such strong feelings don’t happen! But, to expats, it feels like going back to an overcrowded prison camp without any heating. Ref to: The place itself, not the people. Nothing more, nothing less…

Down to business, we’ll be tying up the last loose ends of our life there, and that’s what the next ten days is all about…

When the plane takes off tomorrow from the sun soaked ground into the sun soaked sky – headed for cold grey gloom, my heart will sink. It’s not easy, but you have to be practical about it. Within the next couple of weeks we’ll have formally severed all ties “as citizens” in the UK… Aside from family and friends of course…!

Unfortunately we won’t have time to go and visit anyone, paperwork and official stuff requires appointments, emails, and even snail mail for documents. We’re going to have to be “on our toes” and based in the area we used to live in…

It’s made us both reflect on how we ever managed to tear ourselves away from here in March last year. We’d lived in our new Spanish house for but one month, then we had to fly back to the UK in limbo. There was so much to do, so much stress, and we had no idea about the timeline between then and being back here for good, but we were determined…

When the plane took off from this sun soaked land that time, I cried my heart out. I can remember every second of it. From the airport, we flew out over the Med first to do a U turn. Amidst the sobbing tears, whilst looking down on the glorious view, I defiantly stated through gritted teeth:


After spending an interim six weeks on holiday here last summer, the final move turned out to be seven stressful months after we’d bought the house. But hey, nothing ever worth it is easy…

Once you’re here for good, you forget what stress is. Even the thought of it is alien. I can only think that’s the main reason why this trip back has hit us so hard this week. Just keeping warm is like a major issue to cope with!  

Well I must go, got a suitcase to pack, reams of paperwork to sort through, and work out how many jumpers I never normally wear to take with me…

Hopefully it won’t amount to this much…

003 (3)

I love that quote under the picture, it’s so so true…

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