Colourful Cactuses

Look what appeared while we were away:

All that colour without water…


The flowers close up as the sun goes down, even though it’s still HOT…!




Here’s another one that flowers all the time, it must get fed up with them being in the same place. Sometimes it’s flowers are down at the bottom, sometimes in the middle, (always in a circle).


This is the RED HOT POKER…


Some even have “proper” names, for obvious reasons this one’s called “Big Cock.” Go near him and you’ll get a shock. (OUCH)


This is Peter the Palm…


And we’ve had the front canopy across for the past three days, probably be like that all summer now…


We’ve been out and about even more than usual recently, got home and went down to our local bar last night, it was still 28 degrees C. Already sleeping with the ceiling fan on! We’re not far off lying on top of the covers in the nude with the double doors open too. Pure silk curtains prevent any critters getting in. Well it saves using the air con, and it’s a heavenly way to a good nights sleep with warm fresh air being circulated around your skin. The only noise being the birds a twittering at sunrise, lovely…

Well that’s it, about a mile from here there’s a bus stop with an excellent regular bus service, so we’ve been discovering further and further afield.

Today we’re going to a little “town” nearby, an oasis of beauty that only the locals know about. It’s got about 5 shops and 5 bars, and spectacular views of miles and miles of beautifully manicured vineyards.

Tatty Bye, it’s sun tan lotion time…

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