So What To Wear Or Not?

That is the question…

We’re still getting used to the spectacular weather, and the fact that it’s back to front and inside out to anything we’ve ever known during the past five years in the UK.

Blame global warming, when I was a kid (and beyond) it was always guaranteed to be warm on my birthday in August. But not anymore. So we can’t help but joke about the past, how the weather there now dictates everything. None of that here, so please excuse, we have to giggle.  

Previous to setting off on another six mile walk today the conversation (as per norm) went something like this:

Me: “Oh dear, what can I wear today?”

Dave: “Well I’d suggest thermals, jeans, two jumpers, boots, a big jacket, a thick scarf, socks, leather gloves and wellington boots. Remember it’s only 38 degrees C in the sun, with a 2 mile an hour gale force wind and not a cloud to be seen.”

Me: “OK, I’ll stick a fold up brolly in my handbag too, just in case.”

In reality I ended up wearing short shorts and a little T-shirt, while Dave ended up sporting “man shorts” and a man T-shirt. They also do sturdy flip flops for walking in here, so we both wore our respective favourites…

However, there’s three other necessities:

  • Factor 50 sunscreen.
  • Bottled water.
  • Sunglasses.

Oh the hassle…! Ha Ha…!

Makes me laugh when I hear from a very small minority in the UK who say “as long as we get togged up we can go out.” Well there’s a BIG BUT about that, a HUGE irony,, they have to wear layer upon layer to reach a body temperature that’s tolerable, as in WARM. Peel off any layers if the sun comes out, and they’ll soon go back on because of the wind! Oh and like it or lump it, there’s no protection for the face anywhere (except the confines of being inside). Yes, we have the experience to laugh our socks of about it. Socks? I can only look back and remember the requirement.

So here I sit writing this at 10.30pm OUTSIDE, after having had the sun on my skin all day, it’s now a very pleasant 28 degrees C even though it’s dropped by 10. Who needs clothes? I’ve still got my short shorts and T shirt on, and could happily sit here in the nude. We’re only in May, the cicadas are already doing their thing, and that’s all I can hear…

For any sceptics with issues about the heat, forget it, look after your skin, drink plenty of water (oh the hassle again) and your whole body will soon adapt. Neither of us even broke a sweat today on yet another marathon walk. We stopped off for a meal and got talking to the owner of the restaurant, well that’s all it takes, don’t know him from Adam. He bought us a drink then some of his friends arrived, so it was two hours spent just having a dam good laugh. That’s how things work here – without any effort required.

Seriously though, there’s more to living in the sun and eating a healthy diet than meets the eye:

  • Arthritis and other similar medical conditions are cured or alleviated depending on severity.
  • Vitamins A and E are free, which means hair, skin, (and even fingernails!) are in top condition.
  • Vitamin D is also free which contributes to healthier bones.
  • Eating a Mediterranean diet diminishes high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Risk of coronary heart disease is considerably lowered.
  • Abnormal blood fats are eliminated.
  • Breathing problems such as asthma improve considerably due to warm dry air without pollution and without damp.
  • Live and respect the lifestyle to the full, and stress becomes an alien state of mind.

If you have any doubts, the World Health Organisation classes south Costa Blanca as one of the healthiest places on earth to live…

Feel like I’m doing a promo here, except this place massages body and mind every day, can’t help it.

So here’s a couple of photos from our walk today:

The beautiful orange groves just a hundred metres from the swimming pool…


Zoomed in a bit…


And what must be the prettiest roundabout in the world…


Yet again, check out the heavy road traffic…

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