Savvy Sparrows

For years now Brits have asked the question:

“Where have all the sparrows gone?” They’ve slowly dwindled in numbers to the point whereby they’re rare to see.

Well I’ve discovered the answer, they’ve all set up residency here. Yes, they’re everywhere and tame too! Must be the sun…

So while we were out the other day I took a few photos of just how close they get to us humans:

They even do eye contact…


Or not…


“Nope I’m definitely not posing for ya…”


Meanwhile, these two were having an in depth conversation about who had the longest shadow…


Ok, it’s a bar and they’re looking for crumbs on the floor, but even the one’s that come in our garden have no fear. I can see four of them now, sat on some flowers across the road. Me looking at them, them looking at me. Aw…

Hey up, they’re just having a ding dong battle about who gets to perch on the highest flower of all. Yes?? No?? Yes, the pecking order is now sorted, and everyone’s happy again.

When the birds are singing, (which they do a lot of) the beautiful sparrow’s song is even louder than the exotic birds, simply because there’s so many of them.

Being savvy sparrows, word must’ve slowly spread about moving to a place in the sun…


We haven’t been out anywhere today which is most unusual, just lazed around on the front terrace instead. So we’re both off to dive in the swimming pool. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

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