Oh You Pretty Things

Just the other side of the swimming pool there’s:

Purple trees…


Lot’s of them…


Amidst another landscaped area that’s well maintained…


The pool is behind the wall at the back where the road comes to a full stop, that car there isn’t going anywhere…


Orange groves further down…



The edible crop is just beginning. They bear fruit all year, but the winter crop is classed as not fit for humans to eat. So when they fall off the trees they’re left as food for the roots… 


The most beautiful roundabout in the world? Spanish rush hour…


Here’s his big brother outside the shopping mall, all manicured and pristine…

2013-12-27 15.55.49

Going with the heading of this post I was going to sneak in a photo of yours truly here. However there aren’t any of me wearing the new sun tan yet, so sod that for a lark…

2 thoughts on “Oh You Pretty Things

  1. Those rotten bloody purple trees (Jacarandas) used to block my pool pump filter for the whole month of November down under. The bloody blossoms would drop into the pool and get sucked into the filter I had to clean it at least twice a day. I wanted to chop it down but my neighbour used to get so excited when it blossomed I couldn't do it.
    They are very pretty though xx


  2. Hi Paul and El,

    Well spotted! I was just playing dumb not mentioning the name, comes natural does that.

    Some friends of ours have the same problem, means they have to clean their pool every day. But again there's the dilemma because the foliage is so beautiful even though the stuff that drops off isn't!

    Hope you're both ok, I'm still following your musings! Always will.

    Lotsa luv, Heth xx


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