The Spanish Version of the Red Arrows

Is called the “Aguila Spanish Aerobatic Demonstration Team.”

There’s a huge military airbase about twenty minutes drive from here, and that’s also where they’re based. So they do training flights out over the Med. In other words we don’t normally hear or see them.

So imagine our surprise the other day when we noticed them doing a display over the sea while close enough to the coast to be spotted, it had to be a proper air display. Still too far away for us to hear, wearing sunglasses we could just see them in the distance, but the camera couldn’t cope. Too much glare I think.

This is the best it could manage…!


The pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness being created…


Most of the full thing is here, have fun trying to find it though…


Blazing trails after they’d gone…


This is the real thing “up close and personal,” incredible photos and I recognise some of the formations. Must’ve been truly dramatic to watch from a few miles further down the coast…

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