Weeds Must Be Clever

Yes, I’ve come to the conclusion that weeds must have brains. When we moved here for good, I went through the whole garden and rooted out the ones that had taken over in our absence…

Except,, most had neatly establish themselves under, or around cactuses. Good thinking eh? “If I move in here I’m safe.” Well not on my watch… Unfortunately there wasn’t a weed to be found near a human friendly plant, so I had to dive carefully in amidst the prickles bare handed…

Why not use the thick gloves in the shed? Well if you’re going to grab a weed, it has to be as close to the roots as possible in absolute hope that they’ll all come with it. Thick gloves are just plain thick when it comes to that.

Thankfully not many weeds have regrown since, those that have paid the price today, and so did I. But it did solve a mystery, more on that later…

Here’s the ones that I had to delicately fumble around this morning, thing is, if you fumble around one, it’s the one next door that gets ya.

Believe me, they’re kept well away from the majority of our plants that don’t bite. Each one of the “don’t bite” versions has the luxury of their own personal plot spot pot.

But not these bad buggers…






Aside from picking out those darn weeds we don’t have to go near them. (They have their own personal space and we have ours). Under normal circumstances never the twain shall meet… Imagine falling into one, jeez you’d require hospital treatment.

So here’s the mystery I mentioned: Ever since my first exceptionally successful attempt in November, I knew I hadn’t got all the weed roots. But even so, huge numbers were eradicated, best case scenario achieved at the time…

However, since the original weed pulling ceremony, during winter, the skin on my hands started to dry out in places, and what looked a bit like “soft” callouses appeared. Some where dotty red, and others were dotty white,, dotted about all over. Even my knuckles went flaky.

How? Why? I did not know, to my knowledge I’d done nothing to create such a phenomenon. It didn’t hurt and I’m not soft, so I just thought it would eventually bugger off. Moisturiser did nothing. I even tried the Spanish equivalent of Germolene called “Cristalmina” wonderful stuff, but again no improvement.

More importantly, the most wonderful skin healer of all called THE SUN had no effect either. In it’s own special effort to heal, the blotchy bits swelled up. Ironically THE SUN’S idea was to tell the brain to produce water around each “dry callous.” It worked, they swelled up on a regular basis without pain, but nothing improved. Then a couple of weeks ago a friend nudged me into action. (Literally, by almost knocking me over with her elbow). She told me it was some kind of allergy, and the sun can’t do owt about that, except ease it. True, even without pain it looked awful. So:

a) The sun can’t cure an allergy.

b) But I don’t have any allergies anyway…???

Drag heels I reluctantly went to a chemist to see the doctor there, (yes they stock a doctor as well as drugs in every chemist here). He told me it was indeed an allergic reaction and gave me some cream to use “whilst in the shade.” Except I didn’t bother, cream slapped on hands means cream slapped on everywhere / everything else in the world you can think of. I honestly thought that over a period of time sun tan lotion (in the sun) would do it. After all, it took long enough to take hold in the first place, excuse pun.

Hence, today ended up being a true revelation, after getting poked by the odd cactus several times, I equated the uncomfortable “deep skin” tingling sensation with the bigger picture. So for the first time I used the cream, well knock me down! Within a couple of hours the red and white blotches started to look normal, and the slight swelling around them began to disappear. Jeez I had no idea how bad it was.

Of course a clinical trial was performed in advance, right hand (worst hand) first, and on a second hand basis the left hand followed.   

Thankfully, (clap hands together) the answer has been found, even though it went through the hands of a friend first and an expert second…

Still had to learn the hard way though, nothing ever changes…

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