Just Another Ordinary Day

This morning we set off to pick up a script from the doc. It didn’t quite turn out as planned, happens a lot that. After any relatively mundane task here, there’s always a decision to make about where to go to relax next / what to do to relax next. The three usual scenarios are:

a) We’ve already decided before leaving the house.

b) We haven’t decided before leaving the house, just wait for an idea to present itself.

c) We change what we’ve already decided to something else.

And whatever it is, usually involves an enjoyable walk to,, well,, wherever.

{Even food shopping means a snack and a drink outside our “local,” with the Med in the distance and miles of vineyards to the right}

So today we wandered off afterwards, down the road a bit, turn left, down a steep hill and:

Look what’s round the corner…
Walkway on the right takes you along an esplanade that spans the back of two small beaches…
So even in May why don’t they have the same human population density as Benidorm sprawled on the sand? Well, that’s because there’s hundreds of little Blue Flag beach coves in Southern Costa Blanca. Many of which are “hidden secrets” including these two. Beautiful houses surround them with just a few holiday apartments further back, none of which are in sight from the beach and they’re all quite pretty anyway…  
Past a rocky outcrop…
And onto another “Playa.”
View from where we sat for a drink…

So there you go, how an ordinary mundane task turns into magnificence on a grand scale…

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