The Unplanned Power Outage

There we were, sat outside our local bar with friends at around 11pm, when all of a sudden the lights and music went OFF. With us being on a bit of a hill we can could see right down to the coast. It was pitch black all the way and either side of us. In fact turning a full 360, blackness covered everywhere. To be fair it’s not densely populated round these parts, (well, not round most parts) which means we’re used to it being fairly dark at night. Except for the stars in the sky lit up like Christmas trees.

So what does “one” do when it’s still a very pleasant 25 degrees C and (aside from water) all life’s essentials have gone on strike? Well gather round for a street party of course…

Yes, as we walked home down our little road everyone was stood out in it having a dam good laugh. Our Spanish friends further down brought out ice creams for everyone and as we approached they were handed out to us. (Well, one nearly landed up my nose but never mind!) Another house was serving drinks and there we all stood, middle of the road being very silly indeed, whilst also working our way round different languages. I mean what better excuse for a party? Truly bizarre to us Brits who at one time would’ve had to huddle together whilst moaning and complaining about no leccy. The difference is extremely spark stark, in fact there is no comparison.

It was off for 2 hours, but it’s no big deal. None of us even discussed what the “problem” might be!

The only potential for anything to “worry” about would be the fridge freezer. However, being as it’s a warm climate they all have sensors and without human intervention adjust themselves automatically. Therefore they can hold the same temperature without power for about 48 hours.

The only other time we’ve experienced a power outage here was when some new houses were being hooked up to the system underground. The workers politely came round and told us about it in advance, we were on our way out somewhere at the time so no big deal. As we’ve discovered, it’s obviously no big deal when it goes off for miles around without warning… Not because it’s frequent, it isn’t, this is more about how people react – and what a refreshing difference it is to us.

The only complaint we heard was from the bar owner because his beer pumps wouldn’t work…!

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