A Blog Post Title Scrapped

I had to think twice about actually writing it and decided not to, in this day and age when sick weirdo’s trawl the internet, posting the words “kids” and “after school” in the midst of one coherent, innocent sentence, might invite unwanted attention from the wrong audience.

So I’ll write it this way: What does your younger generation do after they’ve been educated for the day?

Well here under the sun this is worse case scenario for the little one’s!

Going shopping with mum and dad…



I was even careful not to photograph or post any clear photos of faces. It’s restrictive, but sadly, considering the mindless sickos of this world, it’s common sense.

So back to the fun aspect, hope it hasn’t disappeared!

The little ‘uns are never far from water wherever they are. Aside from shopping with mum and dad, there’s after school clubs that are all about sport of one kind or another. Of course it’s mainly outdoor sport, football, swimming, tennis etc, feature greatly, there’s always something to keep them happy.

Culture, lifestyle and of course the weather play a huge part, and I don’t think the Spanish realise how opposite things can be in a cool damp climate. This is their NORM.

Much as our parents adore us and we adore our kids (youngest 31 but never mind) neither we, nor them had anything like this kind of quality time every day. The equivalent of shopping was “the Tesco run” and every Brit knows what kind of trauma that is, but we knew no different.

After the kids have had their playtime, there are no tantrums when mum and dad say the same as “we’ve got to go {do whatever} now.” A quick towel rub down and they’re good to go…

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