I’ve Decided To Donate My Brit Clothes To Charity

On a personal note, the reason why has nothing to do with the psychology of “letting go” from the UK. I don’t feel the need or want to do that, it means absolutely nothing to me. The real reason is about positive lifestyle changes, how your body reacts, and giving to a good cause.

Since living in the UK I’ve dropped another dress size, I was never overweight but all my size 12 clothes from there are now far too big and make me look pregnant. I don’t ever intend to go back to that size ever again. Can’t have that….

Yes, one of the advantages of an improved lifestyle (in many ways) means you can not only decide what clothes to wear, but decrease the size of them too. I see skimpy clothes in designer shops, and know they will look good on me without having to hide any lumps. That’s not a vanity thing, it’s a “woman thing.”

For my many faithful readers in the USA, I’m now a size 6 there, just as I was when we stayed in your country. I remember several people told us, “Hey, eet a salaad as a starterrr an it soaks up any fat.” How true, but they were talking about eating bulk steaks afterwards,, neither of us could manage that.   

So we do the same here as we did in the US, forget McDonalds and Burger King! Sea food diet plus exercise = fat gets burned off, and as a bonus muscles are toned. We’ve seen fresh food from the sea and fresh fruit (from the ground) being delivered in refrigerated lorries in both countries. However the average American doesn’t take full advantage of what’s on offer there, but here in Spain they do – and so do we. Hence not many people who live here carry any excess baggage.

The frozen equivalent in the UK is far inferior, the difference in taste and goodness is immense. The sheer size of fresh veg and fruit available here is, well, double the size, and without additives or colouring to extend their shelf life. We never knew any different till we experienced the luxury of extended travel to other countries over the years.

Of course (excuse culinary pun) you can still do the full fat menu here if preferred, but step out beyond the box, it’s beautiful. Getting used to dropping red meat was a challenge to me but I took it on, it didn’t take long to adjust and there’s no regrets. Did you know that a fresh fillet of salmon fills you up just the same as a sirloin steak, and is three times as good for you???

Meantime chips / fries are now just lumps of fat to me. Hence those “outsize” clothes are going in a bin in a wall. Sad thing is I’d prefer my donations to go to poor families here in some parts of Spain where the increase in prosperity is not yet felt. But just like the majority of European countries, that aid is going to Africa and other war torn countries. Well, sad as that is, all western countries have people queuing up at food banks. So look after your own first…

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