Cancer Research Charity Day In The Sun

Well there’s events been going on all week, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: They don’t half know how to party here and I don’t mean Benidorm yob style. It’s all good fun for families and friends to enjoy and yesterday was the BIG one.

Oh there were all kinds of organised outdoor activities and entertainment happening to raise funds, so we went down to the Boulevard. They had lots of different tribute bands singing every kind of music you can think of. All of them taking time out from their Saturday night gigs. It went on all day and into the night.

The Spanish Flamenco dancers wearing the traditional flamenco dresses captured the drama aspect, not a foot nor the twirl of a dress out of time with each other, or the music. Fabuloso…!

It was nice to see some big fat cheques being presented too, we suspect they came from the fancy shops down there. A professional photographer was going round with a movie cam too…! {Pose Pose} It’s something they do regularly.

Sadly we forgot our camera and both phones! Duh… Could’ve posted some fantastic photos, {slap hands} So here’s a more sedate one of the wristbands we were both presented with after giving to such a worthwhile cause…


We all know someone, a family member, a friend, or a friend of a friend who’s had, or is suffering from cancer…

Two charity based blog posts one after the other…

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