Brit Yobs

Referring to the “younger generation” who come to Benidorm on holiday to get p*ssed both night and day, act like thugs (night and day) and couldn’t give a toss about it. Not knowing any better, they may even think the rest of Spain is the same, or boring? How sad and how mistaken…

Rather than being limited to wreaking “weekend havoc” in Britain anywhere, here they can {choose} to behave like that till their two weeks is up. They bring baggage outside their suitcase containing a blatant disregard for anyone or anything else. Another thing they don’t consider is what they’re doing to themselves, do they care? Obviously not…

Hot sun they {definitely} aren’t familiar with means that while they lie on the beach roasting, and later resemble a lobster. They seem to think dehydration and extremely sore skin are both “cured” by even more booze. Yes it might take some of the pain away and 10 pints of beer or so later, probably does. As for dehydration, well, alcohol comes in a close second to the sun itself. But it tastes good and it’s nice and cool so what the heck eh? Guaranteed it’s the likes of greasy fish and chips on the menu too…

A couple of years ago we stayed in Benidorm for six weeks during winter, even then the Brit yobs were out and about. There was one Brit bar we wouldn’t go near, fighting every night, the cops were never far away… Might be “fun” to some, but for those who can see straight it’s threatening and just plain stupid.

For any potential Benidorm Brit yobs reading this, cops patrol the sea front and the bars (behind) every 15 minutes now, and there’s a lot of them. Sad that they have to do that, but true. Also, if they get called out, they’re there within two minutes. I kid ye not. Trouble might not be the kind you’re looking for…

I’ll never forget there were three times in winter Benidorm that we both felt truly ashamed to be British due to appalling behaviour:

  • The strangest being an English guy on his own dragging a suitcase behind him, he was so far gone the suitcase tripped him up on several occasions. Way off base from the beach (about a mile back) and while creased up on the floor, a Spanish lady went to see if she could help him. Quote: “Oh eff off” says he. As she walked away I felt compelled to go and apologise to her, I said “it makes me ashamed to be British.” She understood and said “don’t be, it happens all the time.” [No consolation for the feeling of guilt]
  • A gang of three Brit yobs knocked an old lady off her mobility scooter, and drove off on it! As it was winding about dangerously, it was a blessing (to other folks) that the cops saw them. Meantime we helped the lady to her feet, and one of the cops brought the scooter back. He wouldn’t let her try and drive it home, they called out a van to take her (and it) back to her house, and an ambulancia too.. Then another cop car was called to help arrest the three unruly thugs – they definitely weren’t going back to their apartment! I even ended up apologising to the cop on their behalf,, eee replies: “No,no, gracias senora, gracias senor, we see siss always.” [More guilt]
  • And the most bizarre situation was a drunken Brit smashing glasses on the floor outside a sports bar, because the football team he supported had lost their match. A very large guy pinned him down, then La Guardia came and went down on the “football fan” like a ton of bricks.    

We all know Benidorm has always been the hotspot of such behaviour, but it’s been in the news recently that Barcelona now has the same problem too.

I suspect that those yobs who go to Benidorm for a week or two have absolutely no idea what 99.9% of Spain is really about. It wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of Brit yobs don’t know that the place has two beaches, Levante and Poniente with “the old town” in-between the two. In reality the place is very small, with a big reputation. Just 2 miles either side (and behind) you’re in real Spain. Altea and Albir are two fine examples, you’d think they were a world away.

Hey, I’m no prude, always been a good time gal, always will be. But there’s a line between getting rat arsed to the point of oblivion, and having a dam good laugh with friends…

There’s several reasons why I’ve written this post, note, mainly from experience.

Us expats, (including those who’ve lived here for years) have come to the conclusion that the British press will do anything they can do to smear Spain. I’ve read such drivel over the years and thought it to be true, till we came here. I have a lot to thank Benidorm for, even with the louts, the sheer beauty around the area was our inspiration to move here, nowhere near the big B though…

The most recent news we’ve heard from British media is that a certain newspaper did a survey of trouble holiday makers coming back from Spain.

  • Many of them blamed the water for feeling ill.
  • Others blamed the Spanish food as the equivalent of giving them “Delhi belly.”

As usual none of the questions involved drinking themselves stupid, sun exposure and turning like a rotisserie, or the fact that they’ve only consumed greasy British food…

Ridiculous! Even ice in drinks is safe because it’s pure drinking water!

How many tried Spanish tapas or Spanish food of any kind? That really would be interesting to know…

So who do you believe? Those who self induce throwing up in the toilet. Or the World Health Organisation stating this country is one of the healthiest places to live on earth? Quality of food and water included in their assessment.

In addition to that is the fact that Spain is still the fourth largest economy in the EU and since the crash, (considering how far this place went down the toilet) growth has already begun. It will of course take a long time to fully recover, and unemployment is still high even though it’s falling. 

But the Brit media won’t state these positive overwhelming facts will they? Why? Because Spain was further down the ladder, and it’s climbing back up it faster than the UK…

Can’t have people knowing THAT…

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