How Plans On The To Do List Work In Spain

Basically, even the humdrum things of life as we once knew it don’t exist. There is no such thing, but tasks still have to be addressed.

For example, today’s task was a visit to the local garden centre,, for compost, another little adornment for the front of the house, and two Spanish hand painted plant pot trays. Note: They ain’t plastic and they are heavy.

In case you’re interested (or not) the compost is for planting a tree into an even bigger pot than the one it’s in now because the roots have cracked it. Such things have to be attended to if you want to keep up with the neighbours pristine potted perfections.

So back at the garden centre:



With it’s exotic plants…



After purchasing our purchases we discovered yet another haven of tranquillity next door. In case you’re wondering, it’s a bar, nothing special.

Just another hidden gem…





This is were drinks are served, a little beach bar that’s about four miles back from the real thing…


So carrying all our heavy purchases, we then stopped of at the crazy golf course further along for a round of (not expert) golf, and more gorgeous “Mocktails.” That’s the non-alcoholic version of cocktails, a little taste of heaven drenched in ice. However “Sex On The Beach” is the real thing,, ok second to the real thing.

Well that’s enough of that,, here’s part of the crazy golf course, didn’t manage to get it all in, but did get the toilets…


So that’s a start time of 2pm to, well, whatever time. We walked (second leg) to our favourite Spanish bar, and shared fresh Tapas seafood dishes between us. Got talking to a Brit couple here renting, who want to buy in this area (brought back memories) and gave them some valuable advice…

Well look at that, we set off at 2pm and it’s now 9.30pm, and we still haven’t got home yet…

Ah, where does time go? If one of us looks at our watch, the other one asks: “What’s up, have you got somewhere to be dear?” 

I kid ye not, I’ve had some washing out on an airier on a balcony somewhere for 4 days now. Does it matter? Simple answer NO.

So tomorrow is “hairdresser day” me blue rinse needs re-doing, it only takes about 3 hours, so no doubt the rest of the day will be spent out with friends down at the local, then somewhere else for a meal…

In my next blog post I’ll show you how going to the pharmacy for some mozzy cream can turn into a rock concert…

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