We’ve Decided To Change The Name Of The House

Here’s the thing, no-one has a silly name for their house, except ours has a very silly name indeed…

Further to that, no-one has a TLA (three letter abbreviation) for their house, but ours is in fact a TLA. I’ve decided it’s OK to show the name, because the name of a Casa is not part of an official address so here it is:

A Spanish thing, with a deliberately random mix of dark and light blue letters…


The house was built and named by the previous owner, so you may be asking yourself what on earth has skiing got to do with anything round here? I did, and would love to turn this into a quiz so you can just guess, but this blog post would be cut short and we can’t have that.

So the short answer is:

“Spent Kids Inheritance”

But they hadn’t done that, and neither did we when we bought it. Turned out to be nothing more than a play on words letters.

For example, {house} Casa names are usually made up of pleasant descriptive words that form the likes of:

  • Peace / tranquillity.
  • Love / beauty.
  • Pretty flowers names (written in Spanish, there’s more choice) I’ve never seen one called “Dandelion” or “Nettle.”
  • Flowers here also have meaning, for example “Corisande“ means “Flower of the heart.”
  • Exotic place names.
  • Some are a clever mix of the owners forenames.
  • Others, just the woman’s name.

Plenty to choose from but we bought a SKI, it’s a very nice SKI though.


Whilst still on the subject of silly names related to property, previous to living here we lived on a big barge type of boat called “Takey Tezey.” Well that particular name was just a play on words. Some people just didn’t “get it” though. During several years of ownership, people ogling at it came out with the likes of “oh look it’s called Tacky Taser.” Sometimes another member of the oglers would actually work it out:

“No, No, it means “Take It Easy!!!”

Everyone else: “OOOOO yeh! That’s a nice name isn’t it?” At first I used to go out and put people right, “OOOOO yeh!” {Spontaneous applause} But after a while it got boring so I left them to it. Besides it was sometimes fun listening to all the silly variations.

Now what we could’ve done was change the name of the boat, personally if I was going to give it that name in the first place, I would’ve had it sign written as it’s um,, spelt… However the process of renaming a boat means more than just painting over what’s it’s already been christened with…

It’s also BAD LUCK. Not that we believe in bad luck, you make your own, but someone we know changed the name of their boat which already had BAD LUCK, as in things kept breaking all the time — expensive things…  Not long after the re-christening the owner put it up for sale, he’d had enough of throwing money down a black hole, and it sat there empty for 3 years whilst steadily decreasing in value. So we thought stuff that for a lark and kept the silly name of ours. I still don’t know if {his boat} has sold, the owners moved to Spain. Where’s that?

In hindsight I regret using the name takeytezeyheth as the URL of my blog (top left of browser), even that doesn’t make sense. Never did, too late to change it now, no-one would find me.

But,, it was the name of our new boat at the time, with a very silly shortened version of the name I was not christened with tagged on the end.

Well don’t blame me, the “Heth” bit is what friends and family call me, except online it’s just a silly name, come to think of it, a very silly name either way.

So basically I’ve just realised that even my own “name,” isn’t a proper “name” but I’ve been stuck with it for years. Well at least it’s simple, and of course extremely apt… 

Note: My secondary name started off as “Heth the Feth.” which turned out to be too much of a mouthful for people to cope with. Well, so I was told…

Oh, and I almost forgot, for thirty odd years our house in the UK had no name at all, except for “our house” or “the house.” Sad but true, we inherited no silly name or serious name at all…

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