How A Visit To The Chemist Can Turn Into A Rock Concert

I mentioned this phenomenon the other day on here, or was it last week sometime? Well anyway what I didn’t mention was the process of how that works. So here we go…

We walked down to the chemist for a prescription. Nearest one to us being a couple of miles away at the MASSIVE outdoor shopping mall, otherwise known as La Zenia Boulevard. It’s one of the biggest in Europe, beautiful and immaculate with parking for 5,000 cars. {I kid ye not} At a rough guess there’s 1,000 maybe 2,000 out the back and the rest are underground. Unfortunately I haven’t done a parking space count. In addition security is tight, it’s reassuring, but doesn’t seem to be necessary…!

Anyway, as usual a mundane task here such as “the chemist visit” automatically meant we’d be having a meal at one of the 30+ restaurants and bars there to choose from. A fair number of which have views overlooking the Med. Canopies down so you sit in the shade.

Aside from the fountains for the kids to play in. When the temperature reaches a pre-set point, water sprays out from above the shops. The height of them is so precise, it’s not enough to spoil your hairdo. By the time it reaches your head, it’s just a cooling mist.

The place is so big, it even has a stage that caters for any kind of concert you can think of, with tribute bands from all over Europe. Where it’s situated creates a natural amphitheatre.

I once did a blog post about “The Beatles” tribute band, and how they sounded much better than the real thing. {True} The sound system is top notch, and whoever is performing always spends about an hour tweaking it to perfection first. Uno, Dos, Tres, Ola! etc. I’ve also noticed they add slightly more acoustics to each song. Excellent…

So in pictures, this is what the chemist prescribed…



Ola! Look what’s behind me, but it’s a much better view than this from up where the restaurants are…


Taken from the Tapas bar where we decided to eat, sometimes the choice of where to go is overwhelming. All wonderful healthy food except for the Burger King place tucked out of sight…


It was an Abba tribute band, again, add the clarity, excellent singing, and those acoustics. “Thank you for the music! For giving it to me.” {For free}

They’ve even got a calendar of events for the year, but hey, just turn up when you like…

Later on we went down to one of the bars for a drink and I did some shopping for top notch stuff in “Mayko.” All the designer shops have got sales on at the moment, it’s amazing, there’s the knock down price on the tag, and when you get to the till, it’s even less! I got a gorgeous dress and three nice tops for 30 euros. The dress itself was originally marked up at 28 euros! So why am I slowly buying a new wardrobe? Well:

a) My Brit clothes are now far too big.

b) I’m a woman and these problems have to be addressed. (Excuse pun).  


On a more sombre note, after what happened in Tunisia and France last week, Spain is now on “Level 4 alert.” Level 5 being “imminent threat.” And the army is on standby. If you think about it, wouldn’t this coastal shopping centre above be a wonderful target for those evil b*****ds?

We’ve also noticed that all the illegal Moroccan immigrants trying to sell knock off trash while we’re out for a meal have disappeared. (They’ve never been allowed in the Boulevard). Aside from breaking the law, I assume they’re harmless enough. But without being paranoid, it only takes one…

In the past none of us western Europeans would have to think about any of that, but now, just for a moment or so, we must all do…

Good grief, how did I get from “fun at the chemist” to this?


Ah well, on a lighter yet potentially expensive subject, I think my trusty laptop here is headed for the recycling bin, looks like I’ve worn the touchpad out. Wonder how that happened?????? Fate dictates I’m going to have to buy a new Spanish laptop, with the imminent, dreaded Windows 10 installed…

A friend of ours reckons it’s easier NOT to configure one to an English keyboard, there are workarounds for letters that don’t follow what we’ve been taught at school. So unless I get too confused the upside down question mark key will remain nice and shiny…

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