How A Walk To The Post Office Works In Spain

When it’s 40+ degrees in the sun…

So we set off from our house at 2pm, fully “togged up” wearing sun caps, sunglasses, not much else in the way of clothing, smothered in Factor 50, and carrying drinking water. Believe me, play by the rules of the sun and it works just fine.

However on the way, we have two different Spanish neighbours to have a laughable conversation with. Mwah, Mwah first, plus some of our Brit friends further up… “We’ll meet you in the bar later” yep OK. All of us stood in the road, because on average one car per hour goes past, and that’s when it’s busy…

Down the next road, someone is power washing their car and spraying most of it in the garden directly at the family. “Oops, sorry lost control there” (deliberate) it only happened about 12 times but never mind, sod the car. Hence as we’re walking towards him, we just knew what was going to happen, first of all it was aimed at our feet. “Oops, sorry lost control there.” So we both stood, arms outstretched, legs akimbo and got sprayed head to foot….  “Oops, sorry lost control there.” Would we ever make it to the Post Office before it shut up shop for the day…? Did it matter…?

Later on we passed some friends sat outside our local bar, big long greeting ceremony. Canopies out sat in the shade, just like at home. Would we ever get to our destination point…? Did it matter…?

So when we finally get there, there’s no post anyway, did that matter…? We checked out the newly opened Spanish Tapas restaurant next door and decided to go down there tonight for a meal. When we asked some “customers” (who reckoned the wine bottles all had holes in them it disappeared so fast) keep up… They said “well whatever time there’s people here till.” {Common practice anywhere}

After the fact that there was no post at all, we called in at the tea room for a toasted sandwich and more water. Then back to the bar to meet up with the previously arranged get together with friends…

On the way home we bumped into some other friends who we haven’t seen for ages.

So we get home with no post and a social takeover instead…

Right, well that’s it, we’re off out to this new Tapas place — if we ever get there. Think I could live off Tapas now…

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