Spectacular Scenes

Views From The Swimming Pool

Taken at 7.30pm.



8pm and the sun is going down behind the wall, water temperature: Still 26 degrees C, it’s like walking into a warm, yet “cooling” bath…



These two were taken from up on the “mezzanine” level…


Spot that little dot of a cruise ship on the horizon, just to the right of the lonely lamp post…


Later on and the bath pool is ours alone:

Hang on, who’s she…?


Uh Oh,, way out of depth, she’s just noticed the unplanned photo shoot…


In for a close up with no make up and flat wet hair tied in a pony tail, ask me if I care? Obviously not… 


So my next move was to jump out and pull Dave in… It was so balletic, sideways on, a bit like a cartwheel on in water…

Ha Ha, revenge! There was a time when I wouldn’t post a photo of me on here with a naked face… We’ve been in the pool four nights running this week, and we ain’t on holiday…

The pool itself is situated about 50 yards away down at the end of our little road, where it comes to a full stop due to the fact that there’s a HUGE valley beyond. For safety’s sake it also has HUGE white balustrades all across. A key fob is required to get in (the pool not the valley) and only people in our road have fobs. So it never gets over crowded.

The gobsmacking revelation:

When we were here last year in August (on a temporary basis then) it was quite a revelation to notice people walking past our house in swimming gear — and nothing else,, not a stitch,, aside from carrying a towel and water… No elaboration required, well I suppose you can’t elaborate on that! Flip flops perhaps? Well not always!

Different culture, different lifestyle, seeing people wandering round in their nothings at this time of year is no big deal, it’s just normal. So the first time we went down to the pool for a swim we did the same, and nobody bats an eyelid.

Out and about isn’t much different, short shorts and a nice bikini top. Or, mostly short shorts and a crop top, which is what I wear. As for blokes, well, shorts, (not short shorts), the baggy one’s and T-shirts without any sleeves, or just, well, bare chested is the theme.

So on that note I’ll leave you to speculate, perhaps only my readers here in Spain will fully comprehend…

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