The Marriage Proposal

So there we were, walking over a beautiful parkland valley, when we noticed a guy down there with an amplifier and microphone. Then he hid behind a tree… We had a great view, so we stopped for a nosey. Something was going on because other people were hidden behind trees too.

Was this the Spanish version of “hide and seek?” We used to hide mini mars bars around the house for the kids to find, (Sunday afternoon treat). But an amplifier and microphone in some woods?

There´s a pathway runs through the middle and a young guy and gal suddenly appeared, walking along holding hands. Nothing unusual in that so why were they being spied on? {Baffling}

All of a sudden the young guy grabs the microphone, gets down on one knee and asks those famous words:

“Quieres Casarte Conmigo?”

{Everyone holds their breath in anticipation}

SI…! Says she.

{While obviously wondering why he needed a microphone}

Then about 40 members of family and friends came running out from behind their respective trees singing, dancing, laughing, hugging each other, and jumping up and down.

Aw, wonderful, it all sounds so much more romantic in Spanish, well most words do… However “one” had to ask “oneself” if she´d said “NO” would everyone have stayed hidden, and sauntered home later under cover of darkness? Now there´s a poser…

It didn´t go un-noticed that the guy with the amplifier obviously hadn´t had chance to do a sound check in advance. So when the magical question was asked it was so LOUD it echoed, echoed, echoed, round the valley and beyond, beyond, beyond. In fact we all sorta jumped before the real jumping occurred. [Oops, just noticed that could have a double meaning so don´t be naughty]

Good grief, the whole thing must´ve been heard, must´ve been heard, must´ve been heard, miles away. Just think how many hundreds of people were eagerly awaiting her answer…

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