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Well I’m impressed So Far!

Ola dear friends, this blog post comes to you from Windows 8.1, on a Spanish laptop, with the English language installed, and the Spanish language also installed in case I need to find the likes of the “@” sign, and some others… Therefore it provides me with any excuse to talk a load of rubbish, nothing new there then.

So if you see the odd upside down question mark, thus ¿ or the odd upside down exclamation mark, thus ¡ creeping into my wittering’s you’ll know why. Some minor tweaks remain, but nothing a sturdy sledge hammer wouldn’t sort out.

There´s still loads of stuff to transfer over from the “old faithful laptop,” but hey this is Spain so will it ever get done I ask myself? They have strict limits here on just how much stress one person can take in any given day compared to other parts of the world. Go beyond it and the local cops take you away to lie down in a darkened room for a few hours…


(Oops) I´ll keep throwing those in while you´re not looking. 

In other news our (outside) house guest Larry the lizard fell off the wall last night and landed on the floor tiles upside down. I kid ye not, watching him and his antics under normal circumstances is more entertaining than TV. Plus, there`s only us could end up with one that´s capable of loosing his footing. Oh we were so concerned for his welfare it was horrifying, there he was upside down, legs akimbo struggling to get upright, eventually he managed it and wandered back up the wall totally disorientated. He even missed his own sun apartment and ended up hiding behind a different ornate object that adorns the outside of the house. Eventually after an hour or so he managed to wiggle back home, then emitted a little squeak. We gathered it was his equivalent of the word “humph.” Also wondered if he´d been on the vino while we were out?

It´s a shame really, there aren’t many bugs for him to eat round here because they’re all down in the surrounding valleys, so he´s still only a couple of inches long, although come to think of it his tail has definitely grown a bit longer. Bless him, he´s so timid he´s still to get used to humans monitoring of his welfare. We´ve even thought about capturing a few dead flies and placing them on the wall close to him,, except we´ve already observed he only likes the ones that are still alive.

Well, it´s only been 40 degrees C in the shade past couple of days, off the temperature scale in the sun. We´ve still been out and about though, ten layers of clothing Factor 50, lots of water, sound as a euro. It takes a few months for your skin to “acclimatise,” look after it though and that protected tan protects. If Larry hadn´t been at the vino perhaps he´d got sunstroke…

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