I Don´t Believe It

Hey up, the sun´s just gone down and look what´s moving in, very strange indeed:

2015-07-30 21.11.32

2015-07-30 21.18.59

However, do not be deceived, this is what´s directly above us…

2015-07-30 21.11.56

So we´re surrounded…

2015-07-30 21.11.48

I´ve forgotten what those dark things in the sky are called, c c clowns???????????????? It´s amazing, even now on an extremely rare occasion such as this we still expect rain, a howling gale, and perhaps thunder, I can only think such a reaction must be auto-installed into a Brit´s brainbox…


It´s now an hour since I started writing this, (been multi-tasking) no rain, no howling gales, and no thunder… It hasn´t rained here for months now, and isn´t expected to either. The clear sky has taken over what was a potentially freak scene, and it´s dropped down to all of 30 degrees C with no wind, forget thunder. What´s the time? Well it´s 11.40pm, women are still sat outside their houses wearing nothing but bikinis, and blokes are sporting shorts,, just shorts. I kid ye not.

Earlier today, and for the past few days IN THE SHADE:

2015-07-27 19.11.06

Notice the barometer at the top tends to get a bit confused, I sometimes wonder if perhaps it was made in Alaska…

Well it´s been a strange day, we began to tie up our very last loose end in the UK over the phone, admin says “we´ll ring you back at 3pm your time.” Nope, it never happened, so we took the phone with us and jumped in the pool, {of course the phone didn´t jump in, it just laid on a sun lounger soaking up the rays} Still haven´t heard back from them, the girl on the other end of the line couldn´t even spell an email address right, I had to look it up online…

Honestly we´ve had more hassle and stress involved with “breaking out of Britain” than we have buying a house and settling in nicely here. However, for anyone thinking of doing the same, research comes first, then finding the right contacts here, and doing everything through a good solicitor and accountant are ESSENTIAL… Don´t cheat the system and it won´t cheat you.

Two sides of the coin: We met up with a British couple the other day, but they were so so so naive. Looking to buy, without research (and whilst drunk) they tried picking our brains, even offered to pay us! Oh my god without going into detail it was a disaster waiting to happen, not only that, they came across as quite a threatening pair and didn´t even know how to use t´internet! Without that alone you´re stuffed, the guy then offered to pay me to teach him to use his laptop! No way, we even felt a bit intimidated when they asked for our house address – with attitude…

Oh dear, desperate as they were, they´re going to have to learn everything the hard way or give up. We backed off, seen them since but walked past and just said “Hello.” Although I did stop by to ask if she was ok, her legs were all red and blue and swollen like tree trunks. She´d been “for a walk” down a wild valley, absolutely beautiful as it looks that´s plain stupid. She was rushed to hospital, told she´d stood on a nest of fire ants and given strong antibiotics. But there she was, sat in a bar, pissed as a fart. Everyone knows antibiotics don´t work when mixed with alcohol… Wouldn´t surprise me if she´s in hospital with blood poisoning by now. We never met them sober.

On the other side of the coin we got talking to another couple one night who´d done their homework and had everything in place ready for their move. No picking of brains required, they were fascinated to hear about our reasons for moving here, “our story” and what started the process rolling. We were happy to oblige and they told us of their experience too. I can remember being at the stage they´re at and they´ve got it sussed. We met up with them again in a restaurant and got introduced to mum and dad who were here on holiday.

The differences between these two examples are far too many to list…

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