Breakfast Amongst Other Things

I’ve recently realised that apart from a few photos of a BBQ , (whilst out on the canal with friends in 2010 sometime). I’ve never gotten round to posting photos of food on the blog. There´s so much erotica exotica we´ve consumed since we moved here, and not a picture to be found. Shameful.

So here´s one of my breakfast, unfortunately it´s turned out to be a very strange looking photo indeed, those “marbles” next to the strawberry´s are “concord” grapes. That white stuff isn´t mould, it´s a fine example of how a Brit camera gets confused when fresh water and bright sunlight reflect off each other…


2015-08-01 13.30.14


So now we´ve got breakfast out of the way, I might post some main meals for you to savour, except it won´t be anything I cook, think of burnt ash that´s as good as it gets. Dave´s the chef, except he doesn´t cook much anymore because we´re always out. Yes, go to a restaurant here, it´s as cheap as buying in, and healthy food is just normal food.

I regularly read a couple of recipe blogs about erotic exotic food, sod the recipes I just look at the pictures. I´ve often wondered if there´s a finite amount of food to talk about. My other half reckons the possibilities are endless, so seeing as he´s the expert I´ll take his word for it.


Anyway back out on the canal, (previous life) I remember that BBQ for several disastrous reasons and there were 10 of us to feed… First of all the darn thing wouldn´t light, so one of our “expert” friends decided to douse it with cooking oil.. Great idea in theory, but it lit up like a bonfire, nearly set a tree on fire, and all the beefburgers exploded. Not to be deterred the pieces were all picked up and placed neatly back above the char… 

Meantime inside the boat Dave was having similar problems with some “extras” he´d decided to do in the oven. Chicken wings (also) on fire. Yes, when he took them out they too were ablaze. Fire alarms blared out, and as he slammed the tray down I was ready to grab an extinguisher, but how the fff does it work?? They sit redundant for months on end, then when you finally need one utter confusion sets in with regards to precise operation. Not to worry, once the tea towel set on fire the whole lot got chucked in the sink and the tap did the rest…

Needless to say we´d all had one to many to drink in advance, so it was just part of the entertainment. When the food was finally presented on the table, there wasn´t enough of it, but never mind, fill the gaps with bread… About 5 minutes later the skies opened and it started pouring down…

Inside our BIG boat everyone went. Someone else ran to their boat and brought a box full of board games, the competition was fierce and cheating took over. It´s amazing when there´s three different games going on at the same time, and different groups end up with bits and pieces from the one being played out next door…

The biggest cheater as voted by all of us was made to do the washing up. At about 3am. No it wasn´t me! Turned out to be our friend with the cooking oil… Well it was a no brainer because he had bits hidden from EVERY “table.”

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