Brit Press Talks Total Trash Again


Brought to you by AOL Travel UK… (Never heard of it till today)


Uploaded today, there it was in my news feed,, QUOTE:

“A law firm in Manchester has revealed the most dangerous holiday destination for Brits – after dealing with more than a thousand injury claims just last year.”

Nick Harris, head of travel at Simpson Millar, said “the most dangerous countries for injury and sickness are Spain, Turkey and Greece.”

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, he said: “There are lots of inclusive holidays in the peak of summer, that mean incidents around the swimming pool and huge outbreaks of illness. Last year, one hotel had 260 all fall ill at the same time.”

So what are the causes? Dirty money, hot air balloon accidents, undercooked food and filthy pools are just some of the causes.

In Spain, key hazards are reportedly balcony falls, roadside and station robberies, and swimming pool bugs.

Over in Greece, quad bike, moped and car accidents, sexual assault, and violence are key problems, as well as stomach bugs sweeping through hotels.

What to be aware of in Turkey? Water slide accidents, trips and falls, and even fire eaters were highlighted.

The Foreign Office reports that in the last five years, more than 17,000 Brits have ended up in accident and emergency abroad after being injured on holiday through accidents, illness or violence.

Outside of Europe, other troublesome hotspots include Egypt, known for the world’s “filthiest money” thanks to the habit of keeping it in shoes. Hot air balloons and camels also feature high on Brits in Egypt accident fails.

Other ‘danger zones’ include the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Kenya.

According to the Mirror, Nick said: “When you are on a package holiday it is the travel company’s responsibility to look after you and this includes ensuring that you are reasonably safe.

“If you do get ill or have an accident or something happens make sure you keep a note of everything that happens and any poor hygiene practices. Make a note of who you speak to and get photos or video evidence if you can.”


1) “What a load of bullocks they have pick the three most popular places people go to for cheap holidays. They must be working for the travel agents, to get people to pay more and go elsewhere.”

2) “Here we go again. Lets generate some fear to sell our story. Put this in perspective Life is a risk. If you spend your whole life reading articles like this, you will never do anything fun, never go anywhere exciting. You will stay safe in your own narrow boring world. If you see this type of article, use your brain and think it through. Could these things happen at home, yes. Are the risks any higher because you are in a foreign country? No. Use your common sense, take the usual precautions and for goodness sake go out and LIVE>”

3) “Yeeees and how many of those ‘accidents’ listed were actually due to the people being drunken or/and stupid? Putting aside sexual assault and robberies which do happen surprisingly enough in the UK, a lot of those mentioned can be averted by simple common sense and remembering that you are not invincible simply because you are on holiday. Dirty pools and poor hygiene can be a problem in any country in the world. This so called law firm doesn’t state actual figures in terms of injury but millions do visit Spain alone during the summer and do so without problems.”

4) “I remember going to Egypt years ago and the money really was bad. The notes looked so used and smelt disgusting. I have never wanted to get rid of money so quickly. Maybe they are onto a good thing?”

5) “I know last time I went to Margate it was pretty bad.”

6) “Worst holiday for problems was when we visited Barbados and Jamaica. Robbed, assaulted, lack of any real support from tour operators or Government. Local young men with atrocious habits and manners. Only kind people we met were a local taxi driver and his wife, who we met during our stay. They offered to take us on their Sunday afternoon drive round Barbados for a couple of hours instead of direct to the airport – and didn’t charge us a penny extra! People who don’t have problems are the ones that stay in their ‘all-inclusive.” We wanted to see the islands from a local perspective and paid the price.”

Note,, none of the above were written by me…! But this is, so I’ll pull that deceptive report to pieces:

First of all there’s a lot of references to “hot air balloons” which is extremely relevant to the whole article.

a) About those “dangerous countries” for injury and sickness. So far this summer, even in our own little quiet area, we’ve seen two holiday makers with broken legs in wheelchairs…

I’ve already mentioned the naive woman who went for a walk in woodland and stood on a red spider nest…

Then there’s another one who resembled a lobster (with blisters) and announced she was going down to the beach tomorrow…

Oh, and there’s the guy who fell off his motorbike, one arm in a cast, the other bandaged up, a crutch to walk with, and his neck in a brace. If it weren’t so serious he could be mistaken for an actor in a comedy sketch. Believe it or not, it happened in the morning and by late afternoon he was sat outside the local bar, with a drink and a straw while someone else rolled a fag for him.

So there they reside, absolutely rat arsed, even during the day whilst badly injured. However, hearing about their experiences reveals an unsurprising answer to the question: HOW DID IT HAPPEN? No need to guess the shared answer…

The other important thing to consider is that it’s very likely these idiots were given strong painkillers, and there they sit, jug in hand…

Conclusion? It’s (some) holiday makers who are a danger TO THEMSELVES…

b) “Inclusive holiday hotels,” well this deserves a whole section of it’s own… 

We’ve been there and done that in the past. Parents lie on their sunbeds, and drinks or not totally ignore their screaming kids dive-bombing (on top of each other) into the pool. This all happens right next to the sign that clearly states “NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 10 SHOULD BE LEFT UNATTENDED.” I couldn’t take my eyes off our two even though they could swim.

c) “Filthy pools and huge outbreaks of illness”  well what can you expect when all the kids wee in them? I’ll never forget seeing a woman holding her baby out over the water so it could have a poo! Can swimming pool filters keep up with such vast quantities of human waste every second? No.

d) “Undercooked food?” Blame the holiday companies for sending people to an undercooked hotel in the first place. They’re all supposed to be of a set standard in order to accommodate humans. Every country has undercooked hotels, and it might help if they get checked out once in a while. Travel companies cutting corners to make a fast buck, we’ve all seen various examples on the news over the years.

Nevertheless, you get what you pay for, but there’s an added bonus problem. The food may be plastic, (demand and supply). Sod how long it’s been sat there at the buffet counter, I’ve witnessed adults filling plates with their fingers (kids plates too) even though crockery is laid out for use. The variety of viruses being shared is enough to make you cringe… 

e) “Dirty money?” As long as we’re not talking about the laundered kind, money all over the world (whatever country) is potentially filthy. However, there’s always {the option} to wash hands after faffing about with it,, before sucking a thumb.

f) “Hot air balloons?”  Why do they keep cropping up? I would’ve thought the likes of paragliding were much higher up on the list. (Excuse pun)

e) “Camels:” Well, they’re big tall things with a great big hump and they bite. Go near one at your own risk. I admit to “travelling” on one in Africa myself. Sober at the time, not sure about the camel though…

So aside from “dirty” cash in hand, all of the above are about a person’s CHOICE…

As for here, “key hazards in Spain”  what a load of clap trap.

Falls from apartments: Well, aside from ground level, every apartment terrace has a protective wall around it, usually built of fancy looking concrete or toughened glass. So it makes sense that unless someone wants to commit suicide, the only way over is to piss about in a very dangerous way. The word beginning with a P being the root cause…

Roadside and station robbery’s: So that doesn’t happen every day in Britain then?? At least you can see a potential thief walking towards you here, can’t say as I’ve ever come across any. Even so, my handbag sits across my shoulder JIC.

Most of that kind of thing happens in Benidorm anyway – which is where most people choose to go. They have no idea of the hidden delights elsewhere on the Costa Blanca where theft is not rife. Let’s not forget Benidorm itself is but a five square mile of the coast which is mobbed. Lets also not forget most holidaymakers come all this way and spend most of their time using smartphones and other devices…

So for Benidorm I would suggest that all holiday companies inform people of the police website that updates of any scams and how to avoid them.

As for swimming pool bugs, well I’ve already covered that one, as do dirty people who couldn’t give a toss…

As for Greece, well if what Mr Harris has said is correct, then THAT’S what you call real danger – without being self induced. If it is true then the Foreign Office should issue a detailed report as a warning for anyone thinking of going there.

As for Turkey, well the section about fire eating has to be a sick joke! Who in their right mind (or drunken mind) would consider doing that? So if he’s talking about a fire starter, well save that for a different report.

Photos or video evidence? Yes please, let’s see and hear the real truth.

In conclusion: The guy who wrote the article above is generally misinformed and needlessly scaremongering. I also suspect he’s been bunged “dirty” cash in hand from the likes of Centre Parcs.

{Keep ‘em here, keep ‘em here where there’s no holiday revenue anymore. Just don’t tell ‘em about the low standard of hygiene, or the crime rate, or how much everything costs}

As for Brits who come here, or anywhere, and don’t do self induced harm, good on ya,, you are the unheard majority…

Here endeth the lesson factoids of the day…

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