The Musical Legacy Of Michael Jackson

Totally screwed up as he was for various reasons, I was never a fan of the guy himself. Yet who could deny his music and performance on stage was brilliant? Last night we went to watch a tribute concert that started at 8pm, hence not much sun, but holding steady at (only) 34 degrees C all night. Oh my god it was awesome, and thousands of other people thought so too…

I mean for goodness sake this is supposed to be a shopping mall…!

2015-08-08 21.01.37

The atmosphere was electric…

2015-08-08 21.17.40

2015-08-08 20.54.41

2015-08-08 21.17.32

2015-08-08 21.17.40

There´s four different aisles off the centre here (which lead off to others). As you can see, the two aisles on the left were totally mobbed by the watching crowd, as were the two on the other side, and the second level…It would be a real challenge to take photos of all the designer shops for you to ogle over. Being as it´s one of the biggest and most beautiful of shopping malls in Europe it would take about a week…

2015-08-08 20.53.40

2015-08-08 20.53.49

The escalators were used as a viewing platform for the likes of cameras, smartphones and tablets…

2015-08-08 20.54.41

The gap there was where the fountains might have come on, however as you can see several children stood there in hope…

2015-08-08 20.24.48

2015-08-08 20.39.03

2015-08-08 20.39.33

So who says Spain is bust? It might be summer, but the vast majority in there are Spanish. This isn´t a big “tourist area” except for the natives, the expats, and those with second homes… Does it sound powsh? Well no, the whole of the Costa Blanca is recovering nicely, as is the rest of Spain. I bet nobody´s told you it´s the fastest growing economy in Europe…

Michael J still has the fastest feet too…

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