Seven Ways To Look After Your Skin In A Hot Climate

First of all, forget the latest TV advert you saw offering a facelift in a jar. One thing for sure is that it will add to your shopping bill and it won´t “be worth it.”

However, in a hot country a good skincare routine is essential without being costly. Avoiding skin protection means wrinkles will set in early, and the risk of skin cancer increases 10 fold. So…

1) The Face: Moisturise, Moisturise. EVERY MORNING: As a base use a hydrating serum, then daytime face cream on top, (preferably with SPF included), and use Vaseline on the lips. EVERY NIGHT: Remove make up, then use the same hydrating serum, night cream on top, eye cream on laughter lines, Vaseline on lips, plus on top of the eye cream to seal it.

None of the products below cost a lot and are excellent quality, available from ALDI…! Oil of Olay is a thing of the past for me now…   

2015-08-16 15.02.05

2) The Shower: Shampoo and conditioner,, I once tried those below in the UK but they made my hair greasy. Not here though! Shampoo twice, then cover all hair in a small amount of conditioner. Leave on while using a body wash of the hypoallergenic kind. Wash off and then wash out the conditioner. I also use a facecloth to gently rub areas on the face that are prone to open pores. Forget a facial scrub that literally grates the skin. When you get out of the shower use a good hypoallergenic moisturiser – everywhere except the face. Keep to the daily routine for that and never stray from it.   

2015-08-16 15.02.44

3) Out and about: When it´s 40 – 50 degrees C in the sun. If you´re new to such heat slap sun tan lotion on every inch of skin, including the face and beneath clothing. As time goes on, with a nice even tan, sunscreen needs to be on visible skin, not necessarily under clothing as well. However, when you don´t wear much it´s still required almost everywhere! Oh, and don´t forget it´s another “layer” on top of moisturisers. Do not remove ANY moisturiser before adding sun tan lotion, just make sure it´s had time to soak in first. [More details on sun tan lotion later]

I haven´t forgotten the “man´s man” here, a woman likes smooth skin on a bloke, and the exact equivalent is available on the shelves “just for men.” No it´s not a question of being a big softy if you use it, but your skin might be till it´s soaked in…   

4) A cap or hat is important to keep the head cool, yes I said cool…

5) Sunglasses, make sure they´re polarised…

6) Water, take it everywhere with you, especially when out walking,, and drink it…! 

2015-08-16 15.03.09

7) Oops, where did they come from…? There´s something you can definitely leave off your skin…

2015-08-16 15.01.04

About sun tan lotion, approximate figures:

SPF 15 filters out 93% of UVB rays.

SPF 30 filters out 97% of UVB rays.

SPF 50 filters out 98% of UVB rays.

UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB rays, so it´s best to pay a bit more for better protection. I prefer the clear “spray on” kind of sun tan oil, it´s much less messy and most of the big names now sell it.

Something else to bear in mind is that ALL sun screen lotions only last up to two hours tops before re-application is required. Some manufacturers claim that their product is waterproof, they can get away with saying this because after swimming in the sea or a swimming pool, some residue remains on the skin. However, it offers no protection till re-applied, why?

  • The sea is salt water. Salt and suntan oil residue = damaged skin.
  • A swimming pool contains chlorine (amongst other things) and also = damaged skin.

UNLESS the skin has been towelled down and protected again…

However there are benefits to living in the sun, provided such precautions are taken!

I have a little saying that goes like this:

Look after yourself in the sun, and the sun will look after you…

So I´ll just mention a few relevant bonuses here, because all other advantages for the human body would make a very long blog post of their own!

  • Vitamins A, D, C, E are absorbed into the skin – and bones.
  • Skin glows.
  • Medically,, skin conditions can be cured or greatly improved. From personal experience I had a small scar on the side of my ankle, been there for years and it´s disappeared.
  • On a lighter note, hair grows thicker and longer quickly, nails too.

So for us women it´s a good idea to use an epilator rather than a shaver on legs and arms! {Need I say moisturise afterwards?} I went out and bought one last week, what a difference…! My shaver with the dodgy on / off button and a split foil has been consigned to the back of a drawer somewhere…

In conclusion, there´s two sides of the coin, I´ve pointed out how potential dangers to the skin can be avoided, and the benefits if they are…

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