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Just Another Day, Or Is It?

It was our ¿¿th wedding anniversary a couple of days ago, how time flies,, only just got round to writing about it too…

If we´d really wanted, we could´ve booked a couple of nights down at the posh hotel that´s situated all of three miles away (as the crow flies) right next to the sea. We can sea see it from our roof terrace, except at €232 per night it´s a bit pricey! Are we worth it? Maybe. Were be bothered? No. Made me titter though thinking about how double weird it would sound when telling folks:

“Well, we travelled all of three miles to this gorgeous hotel, and we could even sea see our own house from the balcony. Didn´t require anyone to keep an eye on it, we could do that ourselves.”

We both sat down and tried to think of how to celebrate the day, but every day is like an anniversary here. Go out somewhere pretty, have some fun in the sun, a nice meal, and meet up with friends later…  So we did just that, the norm. And relax…

What did we buy each other? He bought me a lovely dress, and I bought him a shiny new pair of kitchen scissors at a snip of the price… 

When one of our friends asked how long we´d been married, my other half said: “I´ll put it this way, if I´d thought about it, I could´ve done my time in jail and be a free man now!” I mean he can be so charming sometimes. I´m not a violent person but I felt like knocking him off HIS CHAIR… Amidst the laughter, we had a bit of a tiff between the two of us about who´s turn it was to speak next…

There´s even a story behind that story, because when he´s telling a story there´s an unintentional tendency to miss bits out. If I suspect it could be confusing to the listener I fill in the details, but he carries on regardless. We must sound like a talking duet. I realise this might make it even more complex for someone else to understand, but to try is better than not to try. So he wandered off in a huff to the loo. How on earth does that work when he should still be in prison…???

“So Happy Anniversary to you too dear.” ´{She plants lips on his cheek in sarcasm mode…} We don´t argue much, but when we do there´s always an amusing twist at the end. It must be a rare talent that. Anyway, here´s the day in pictures without us (or our food) in any of them…

The view from one of our favourite Tapas bars where we ate, erm, Tapas:

That winding road up top always reminds me of a scene from a James Bond movie. Notice how busy it never is…

2015-08-21 20.48.12

Not a truly spectacular sunset, but well worth a viewing…



Then later on this happened, a forest fire! The smoke was much thicker than it looks in this photo…


Helicopters with bowsers could be seen on the horizon, but they soon had it under control…

Oh the fiery passion an anniversary can create…!

4 thoughts on “Just Another Day, Or Is It?

    1. Hi Belle, nice to meet you, never mind, another anniversary has been and gone since then. With my birthday just 4 days later, if I remember rightly I put in a request for a diamond encrusted necklace with matching earrings from Swarovski. The banana swerve a woman does when walking past the place was gently steered in the opposite direction. Ended up with a new T shirt from Primark..

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