Party Time

My Birthday Part One, Not Bad For 54?

It was my birthday today, so we did a photo shoot.

However, the first photo here was taken in 2011 in the UK. It was freezing cold and I was driving the big boat we lived on. I remember that day well, it was a turning point (excuse pun) for us both.

Determined to have some fun, our original intention was to go out on the canal, but the weather forecast was contrary to prediction. So we set off, gave up, and went back in the marina.

Definitely not our idea of fun, and the same scenario happened a lot. That day made us question ourselves about the future. Much as we loved our “alternative lifestyle” the first seed of doubt was planted. The second seed was a question, buying another property in Britain was never on the cards, so, where and what…?

Compare the difference between then and now:

Trying, really trying to put a brave face on things…










So in true designer fashion blog style…

Black top: MANGO, €15.00

Shorty denim shorts: LEFTIES, €17.00

Cushion sole sandals: DEICHMANN, €35.00 {Originally marked up at €95.00}

Note! Designer clothes at not designer prices, we can all afford them. There´s no such thing as top notch quality (and names) being exclusive to celebs and royalty here!

However,, forget designer jewellery, there´s no drop in their prices. So us commoners go in the likes of “Swarovski,” check out the hardware, then walk round the corner to “Bijou Bridgette” and find the equivalent…     


I´ve heard it said that expats “re-invent themselves” when they move to Spain. I agree with the end result! But the process is not a conscious one, it just sort of happens naturally. Leaving the humdrum behind means you´re free to be the person you really are, heart and soul, both inside and out… Yet right from the start, you´re not running away, you´re walking towards a new and better life.

Personally, we experienced “taking the leap” to a new and (very) different lifestyle when we moved from living in a house to life on a boat. It was the right thing to do at the time, we made lots of new friends and have many happy memories. So making the HUGE leap to another country wasn´t as daunting as it could have been. Even so, we spent months doing research in advance, months renting here, and months tying up loose ends in the UK. Nothing was done in haste because that can create room for regrets, consequently we have none at all…

Coming up tomorrow: My planned 54th birthday day, and unplanned 54th birthday party…!!!

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