My Birthday Part Two, Getting Very Silly Indeed

We spent a very pleasant (quiet) birthday day out wandering round a charming little town further inland.

Then, home and yesterday´s photo shoot.

Later on we walked down to the Tapas restaurant just over a mile away from here. There it sits, all tucked away and almost out of sight, yet it´s very popular. Spanish owned, Spanish chef, with a view of the Med thrown in. Sometimes I look at the vista, (anywhere) and the thought of being catapulted in there from where I´m sat is extremely appealing. It´s nice to see that many northern Europeans are now taking a liking to the “local food” too.

Wherever we may wander, there´s always a favourite Tapas restaurant. We learned the hard way never to bother with a restaurant that serves it,, but doesn´t specialise in it. Nobody cooks it better than the Spanish in this cosmopolitan country…

On the way back we stopped off at our local bar, then some friends arrived,, then some more. Tables were rearranged once, twice, thrice to accommodate everyone, and I was beginning to wonder if this had all been planned without me knowing. Till Dave announced it was my birthday… In but a few seconds the owner ran inside and changed the music to the “Happy Birthday” song, and champagne on ice was served. No it really wasn´t planned, that´s just how things work here.

I have to say they all did a wonderful job of singing out of tune, but at least they got my name right. Afterwards I did a little curtsey, and everyone did the CHEERS thing. CLANK… During the course of the evening the “Happy Birthday” song was replayed, and “sung” about four times (lost count). Even people I don´t know were congratulating me in all kinds of languages, felt like I´d won some kind of surprise award. [After all, it´s just a birthday without a nought on the end of it] Great fun though…!

One of our friends changed the playlist to a Bon Jovi classic, so I got dragged inside to play air guitar. Meantime Dave stood in the doorway and did another photo shoot of the very silly kind. {Note, glasses back on after the first one, can´t see without them}

Empty bar? Well it´s 1am and we´re all sat outside in a cool 30 degrees C…





Next on the agenda around 2am:

Being taught how dance the Flamenco (to traditional Flamenco music) by the bar owner…


Love it, but not really dressed pwoper…


We finally made it home at 3am………..

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