Yorkshire On The Map In Spain

I kid thee not, and if that’s supposed to be a web address, they’ve missed the end bit off…

2015-08-29 17.17.48

Some shops even sell Tetley Teabags too…

Being as I´m a Lancashire lass, there´s history between the two counties. First of all, both of them span northern England from left to right, thus — —. In the 1400´s they had a bit of a spat about who´s rose flower was going to rule the world rule the two areas. The white rose of York, or the red rose of Lancaster. Forget politics or religion, this was a war about royal status and power. Known as “the war of the roses” it dragged on for a fair old while too. Lancashire won by the way…

So starting off in the 15th century on both sides:

  • Yorkshire was famous for producing wool.
  • In more recent times the invention of Tetley Teabags.
  • And in the here and now a TV soap called “Emmerdale.” 


  • Lancashire was famous for producing cotton.
  • In more recent times cars and buses.
  • And in the here and now a TV soap called Carnation “Coronation Street.”

Hence, only 10 centuries years later there´s still a bit of banter rivalry goes on between us. Reverse snobbery being the theme across both borders, it´s based on who was financially worse off when they were young. For example:

“When I were a nipper we couldn´t afford slates on´t roof, we ad to use cardboard.”

“What, thee ad cardboard? We ad to use mud.”

“When I were a nipper we couldn´t afford toilet rolls, we ad to tear strips off newspaper.”

“Newspaper? We ad nowt to use, just ad to ´ope for´t best.” 

“When I were a nipper me parents couldn´t afford Christmas presents, so we got peanuts wrapped in a duster.”

“Peanuts? We got a lump o´ coal for´t fire.”

And for the ultimate worst of reverse northern snobbery, click ye here.

So in conclusion, with ref to the photo above: Perhaps the “yorkshire linen company” couldn´t afford a sign big enough to accommodate the full web address. Consequently the phrase “live life in comfort” written underneath it appears to be debateable…

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