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The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On The Plain?

Well that old adage is true. But when it rarely rains on the Costa Blanca, it´s not your average boring rain, it´s truly dramatic…

Remember yesterday when I said the tiles outside needed cleaning? Well it´s been done for us overnight. This wasn´t a few sandy droplets, it fell from the stratosphere. Everyone knew it was coming in with a vengeance, so all windows were closed, all doors were closed, and outdoor furniture was rearranged (undercover) in advance…

I got p*ssed wet through taking these from beyond our extended terrace, it was nice and dry under there…

2015-09-06 01.47.05

2015-09-06 01.47.10

Our little road turned into a river…

2015-09-06 01.11.06

2015-09-06 01.11.40

Taken from the relative safety of my own chair, outside, under the arches, after drying myself off…

2015-09-06 01.31.04

2015-09-06 01.10.48

Dear reader, I do hope you appreciate the sheer hardship that went into taking these photos – in heavy warm rain, with no wind, and the temperature still nudging 26 degrees C… I even considered putting some proper shoes on before being exposed to the elements. Verdict: Nah, couldn´t be bothered, after all if I´m going to get drenched, the flip flops would dry off quicker…

Thunder and lightening was also supposed to attend the party, but it wasn´t just fashionably late, it never turned up at all. Even so, the {not necessarily} burning question comes to mind: “Is this the start of the big cool down?” Hmm.

I have to admit to seeing the funny side of how people react to such conditions here. Rain is like an alien entity to be avoided at all costs, yet to us “newbie Brits” it´s just (what once was) a normal everyday occurrence.

I´ll never forget being in Spain during December 2013 when a freak storm suddenly moved in from nowhere. There was a bit of a breeze going on, then without any warning the sky clouded over and heavy rain suddenly blew in off the sea. We were in a shop at the time,, the doors were closed and everyone was told to stay inside. So there we sat with a bunch of strangers, being waited on with drinks and biscuits that were (literally) being lifted off the shelf. When we looked outside there wasn´t a person or a car to be seen anywhere. Had the world come to a standstill? Were we unwitting extras in a Stephen King movie? The storm lasted an hour, and within the next hour the sun took care of the residue. It was only then, when everything was totally dry that people started to brave the outdoors again. It was also only then that any cars moved.

So when we saw the forecast for what last night had to offer, we knew the score. This isn´t just applicable to the Spanish people, it´s expats too who lose the ability to move when it rains. Two hours in advance of touchdown:

  • Shutters are pulled down to protect windows. (Yes, really).
  • Cars are parked up on drives, (to stop tyres getting wet?)
  • Bars, shops, restaurants are deserted. (No, need to scout the area to assess that one, it´s just fact). Some places don´t even bother opening up.
  • Not busy roads everywhere are totally devoid of any vehicles at all.
  • Retail outlets are on lock up and leave status.

Ghost town.

Another thing I´ve noticed, (any day of the week) is that as soon as the sun´s gone down beyond the horizon, the driver of a car takes their sunglasses off, and the car headlights immediately go on… But it´s not dark yet. To be fair though, most drivers must pass their test without ever having driven in gloomy wet conditions. Now there´s a thought. And another,, if a driving lesson coincided with a shower, it would have to be cancelled because the roads don´t work.


Oh my, the power´s just gone off !!!!! Well that could be it !!!!! Substations aren´t familiar with rain either, and the people know this !!!!! It would explain everything, well almost everything. It´s still been a bit showery at times today, must´ve been enough for overload, (excuse awful pun). Well at least the river´s turned back into a road again, even if we are sat in complete darkness aside from the glow of torches.

Broken News:

  • Dave´s just shone a torch in the downstairs bathroom so I could have a wee. {He´s such a gentleman}
  • Everyone´s outside and there´s lots of laughter going on because someone´s just fallen over a plant pot.
  • We´d be having a street party, but there´s still a slight shower happening, so river or not, no-one dare stand in our little road yet.

Unbroken news: It´s been an hour but the electric´s just come back on! I´ve been writing the last of this “book” offline…

So the (rare) rain in the costa´s falls mainly on the, well, everything in sight…

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