From Too Much Water To None at All

Oh the irony. This is so ridiculous you may even wonder if I´ve made it up, but I haven´t. It´s yet another ultra fine example of the often blogged phrase on here: “It could only happen to us…”

So as you already know:

  • Two days ago enough water fell from the skies here to fill about 3,000 swimming pools.
  • Yesterday was still intermittent showers and the electricity went off in the whole area for a while.

Today? When I did the washing up this morning, there was a loud dripping noise coming from the cupboard underneath. Yes there´s a leak somewhere, so the WATER´S OFF while Dave´s trying to fix it… Perhaps I should use the dishwasher more often to save the sink pipes from disaster…

Well it´s a first I suppose, nothing else has gone wrong with this house since we bought it. Enough said about that, being bold enough to write such a sentence might attract gremlins to move in… But the timing of this is nothing short of totally comical bizarre. Especially so when most of my little flowery plants outside are slowly drowning, while the palm variety are positively blooming, even that´s nonsensical to us as yet.


On a lighter note, tomorrow (Tuesday) is what´s called a RED day here, they have lots of them. Which means everything and anything shuts down, a bit like a “Bank Holiday” in Britain, except over there it´s always on a Monday. Here, well it doesn´t matter, any day of the week will do, and on the day before the BIG ONE everybody knocks off work early. By early, I mean lunchtime, as in NOW. In fact the fireworks are going off and the partying has already started. {Fireworks aren´t restricted to night-time only} We´ve even heard that some company´s can be fined if they cheat the system!

So if the recent precipitation had happened on a weekday, they´d have had 1.5 days off already, and another 1.5 for partying with the family… They also have lots of BLUE days, it doesn´t mean people have to be depressed for 24 hours, it means work is optional. Oh what a wonderful lifestyle, it never ceases to amaze us.

Well I must go, the water´s back on and I need a shower before we go out…

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