Are We Naughty Or What?

Spontaneous party´s just “happen” here and we´re still getting used to it!

So yesterday afternoon started with a walk down to the Boulevard, all change weather wise, we´re back up to 30 degrees C in the shade now. We call in at a little bar on the way there, then do a “mundane” shopping spree. “Leroy Merlin” for some gardening stuff and a tube of mastic… Then “Al Campo” for some trivial stuff that´s always difficult to find because there´s too much choice. Cleaning products? Oh my god there´s two aisles, both two miles long of the stuff.

NO DESIGNER CLOTHES, SHOES, OR HANDBAGS this shopping spree… It takes too long to walk round both superstores and eventually track down what you´re looking for.

{Caveat} If you´ve got to go past designer shops to get to final destination, why not have a nosy??? Many of us women certainly CANNOT RESIST. Therefore it´s common practice to see the fairer sex holding partners hand while looking sideways, ogling, and not looking where the next footstep belongs. The partner is just a guide and keeps up far too fast a pace…

Then we go for a meal.

Then we get a taxi to the bar about a mile down the way from home, and shove the shopping in a corner somewhere. There´s always other expats in there, or sometimes it´s just nice to sit together, aw.

We get to our casa about 11pm (if there´s just us two mind) put all the goodies away, and sit outside to relax after such a hard day´s work.

While we were out I noticed the zip on a pair of my shorty shorts had broke, it was always a bit “designer dodgy,” so I put my nightie on.

Then our Spanish neighbours arrive back from wherever they´d been and ask us round for a drink. So off we go next door, no need to get changed, I mean who cares if you´re wearing your night dress…? I remember Dave started locking the door then said “What the hell am I bothering doing this for?” It was left open, keys still in it, while we all sat outside on their front terrace.

2.30am: Out their gate, through ours, upstairs and Bed. {Ceiling fan on, patio doors open, nightdress cast off on the floor somewhere}

“Naughty but nice” as Franky Howerd the comedian used to say… Is it??? To us Brits it´s far from naughty, it´s wonderful…!


Over the years we´ve visited many different countries. But I can honestly say, in our experience, there´s only Florida and Spain where (outside of cities) such a lifestyle exists any day of the week.

  • For about 100 years we lived in a house in the UK,, just a little avenue with 10 houses in it. People were polite to each other, but nobody knew anybody. For us it was just my mum and dad who lived on the corner, and the guy who lived opposite us. Ignorance or dislike didn´t come into it at all, that´s just the way of life.
  • Once the kids had flown the nest, we looked, and found an alternative lifestyle living on the boat. Dave was still working for two years, we let the house out. But even so, the camaraderie between friends and neighbours who lived aboard was much the same as here. We made lifelong friends.

However the real downside was the weather. Living rural, perhaps we noticed the effects of global warming more than people who lived in bricks and mortar in towns. Sadly the increase of rain in the UK is due to the fact that it´s a tiny island surrounded by sea. The sea is getting warmer, so precipitation causes water to rise into the atmosphere and belt down on the land. Year on year we saw it get worse, flooded rivers meant no boating on them.

Canals breached, starved of cash the authority that covers the canal system couldn’t afford repairs. They just didn’t get done, major problems of which there are many (might) get a sticking plaster botch job that soon falls into the mud. We saw it happen many times, and it´s still the same, for the past month the branch canal we used to live on has had no water, there are no resources and not enough funding for repairs. (Yes we keep in touch with canal boating friends). This also means that beyond the estuary close by, people are stranded from the main system. 

We moved our boat to a marina further south in the hope that conditions on canals and rivers would be better, they weren´t. So we stayed there for two years, most of which we spent planning to sell up and move somewhere warm. Was the boat cold inside is a question some people have asked! Well no it wasn´t, it had a multi fuel stove and central heating!

The first indication of people being fed up was when hardened boaters (who used to travel the canals most of the time) began parking their boats up in marinas over winter. Then taking off to warmer climes for several months. One step further, people began to sell up, and actually MOVE abroad for good. We saw this happening around us and felt exactly the same… If they could do it we could… So we did…

The lifestyle here is even more social than life on a canal boat, which for us turned out to be the best aspect of life aboard. The freedom of unhindered movement it had to offer has disappeared.

No regrets at all…

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