The Wandering Toilet

The last thing you need when sat on the toilet is the darn thing manoeuvring itself around the bathroom on a random basis. A mode of transport it is not.

The Story: It´s the middle of the night (wee time) I sat down on the throne and it moved, yes moved backwards. When I stood up it followed me forwards. Was this a weird dream? Slap, no. After a thorough investigation of the base it turned out to be completely mobile. It had set itself free. (Saving grace – it´s innards hadn´t).

The Regret: With ref to the water leak from under the sink a few days ago {now rectified}. It was only a  puddling piddling little leak, but I distinctly remember saying both on here and in real life,,

“Nothing else has gone wrong with this house since we bought it. Enough said about that, being bold enough to write such a sentence might attract gremlins to move in…”

Well if they have, they appear to be from the plumbing department.

Fact: A toilet is not the place for a human to involuntarily zoom about on.

Thought: I wonder if anyone´s ever blogged about a mobile toilet before? Hmm.

Anyway Dave the ex engineer used his “talent with a toolbox” to expertly repair and reseat the essential convenience where it should be erm, seated. The loo was engaged out of action for a while, so it´s a good job we´ve got a spare one downstairs. Saved us having to use a bucket.

The offending article, back on lockdown FOREVER…

   2015-09-14 14.08.20

We´ve got visitors coming on Thursday for a week, so I´ve got three loads of washing to do tomorrow. However, I´m now fully prepared for in case the washer packs up…

a) Use the sink.

b) Use the toilet.

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