Houses On Fire!

Stay calm dear reader, no need for alarm or panic! Well I guess that heading got your attention for a second or two eh?

Setting any drama aside, it´s just the sunrise bouncing off them…


Pretty spectacular though…


When I first noticed this phenomenon, my texting finger was pointing towards dialling 112. (I´ve only got one finger that´s compatible with a phone). Thing is, I always forget to take it out with me,, (phone not finger) the rest of me just happens to be firmly attached to the latter.

However, aside from a few photos of insignificant (small) forest fires on here, there´s only one building we´ve ever seen truly ablaze in Spain. It was an apartment block in Benidorm:

That yellow one,, it had just started at the back, and the sea front was closed off…


As you can imagine, everyone was wondering what the??? Then fire engines came careering past along the esplanade and the smoke became visible, oh my it went up quick. However they managed to stop it spreading to the front and any other buildings. After the flames were out some roads away from the beach were opened up again. So we carried on with our six mile walk (to a town nearby) via an alternate route. It meant going along a road further uphill, and we could see the damage was extensive. No photos because the story goes that someone jumped from a top floor balcony and died, so it felt a bit gruesome capturing the aftermath on an SD card.


I´m sat here pondering about how this light hearted blog post morphed from fun to fateful. Sometimes I truly baffle myself.

So on a lighter note, I cleaned our bedroom earlier today and found an earing in a cupboard. It was one of a pair that went missing months ago, thing is I threw the matching one away because there was no hope of ever finding the other one again…… Oh, and on an even brighter note I also found a Euro under the bed which I can put towards some new dusters.

Yes, Autumn Spring cleaning is a serious business. One room per day is enough because it´s such a big house. Who knows, this time next week I could´ve found enough Euros to buy (yet another) designer handbag. {Dave cringes when he hears the word “handbag”}

Winter Spring cleaning will be the next time this place gets a good going over, till then it´s just necessities, when necessary.

I´ve just realised we´re back on the subject of houses again, so I´ll finish where I started… Phew…

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