Party Time

Happy Birthday To My Darling David! Only 103 Years Old Today!

Well what a great birthday it was, the day itself was spent with friends, (afternoon). Meal together, (evening). Great night out down the bar (night). Oh what a fuss he had made of him by all and sundry there too.

This card in particular totally summarises the epitome of life in Spain:

2015-10-03 18.29.08

In case the words aren´t clear enough…

2015-10-03 18.59.49

No, it really doesn´t mean getting rat assed “instead…” 

[I suspect that´s a British manor house in the background there. But never mind, it´s “get the lifestyle” that counts, even if the Brits only have a watery taste of it one or two days per year]

Anyway, this was another sunshine birthday table card to remember…

2015-10-01 19.03.48

I kid ye not, one of our friends has similar powers to that of a magpie, he spots and finds obscure items just while walking along. Things that nobody else would ever notice,, he locates. On the way back from the bar, before we got to the next bar, before we got to the restaurant (Keep up). He found two plastic Scrabble letters… I mean of all the places in all the world would you just find TWO?? So after us women informed him that a dog could´ve peed on them, they were placed on a seat nearby.

To be fair, it´s quite possible that several persons could sit and play Scrabble in the middle of that road, and may even return to RECOVER {seven letter word, 50 points please} the missing tiles. Good deed for the day, saves them doing a forensic fingertip search…

Later on he found a piece of chalk, hence the birthday table card in the photo above, we had to touch up the “a” and the “y” because Dave put his elbow on it…

After the meal, it´s back to the bar again where several other friends were sat outside, hugs and kisses all round. When they heard it was Dave´s birthday, {hugs and kisses all round again} he had to stand up while they all sang Happy Birthday in Spanish. (Clever that) especially when all the words to each line are mostly the same. Applause all round when they found out he was only 103 today.

So aside from meeting up with our bestest friends first, the rest of it was totally unplanned, that´s how things work here. Spontaneity just happens, no arrangements or “windows in the diary” required. Wonderful.

The closest I could manage for “Happy Birthday” at the moment would be: “Feliz Ano” which means “Happy Year.” Or “Feliz Ano Neuvo” which means “Happy New Year.” Oh dear…

If you´re wondering how we could fit all this in, today is two days after Dave´s birthday, a rest day, (ha!) So I´ve gone back in time with the post date to his 103 years old birth date…

The next day was just the two of us, we went out for a walk and I bought Dave some new T-shirts, then went to a Tapas restaurant for a meal, then went to see our Spanish friends at their bar. Phew! Says me as I sit down, ¿”Estás Bien?” (Are you ok?) “Si” says me “I´m just KNACKERED.” English / American slang – forget it, but he got it and acquired a new silly word. The Spanish learn “Queens English,” no if´s or but´s about it.


Red lipsSun“¡Feliz Cumpleaños Me Amor!”SunRed lips

Little Note: They´ve had two equivalent to UK bank holidays here this week, any day of the week will do, there´s no specific focus on Mondays at all. We had birthday cards to send out to other folks, but the post office was shut. With ref to many common everyday things, “Ah well, whatever” is a common phrase, and “does it matter?” is another… When I look back to life in Britain, timing was everything, else stress set in. Here such minor things don´t get forgotten, they just sort of get delayed. “Does it matter?”

Well I must go, someone´s having a party in the distance and it´s all Flamenco style music, I´m sat outside here listening to it while Dave´s watching rugby on TV… 10.15pm, still 25 degrees C, not a breath of wind…

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