Something I Was Puzzled About But Not Anymore

I meant to write about this sooner but forgot. However, after reading about the floods in France today, my memory got a swift kick up the ass.

I recall doing a blog post about what people do (or don´t do) here when it rains. There I was blabbering about how strange it was that shutters went down, cars stayed off the roads, and how places turned into ghost towns. Quote: “I have to admit to seeing the funny side of how people react to such conditions here.”

Well it was only afterwards we worked out WHY and it all makes sense. Not being good at driving in the rain has nothing to do with the empty roads, and everything coming to a standstill.

a) No cars on the roads: Flash floods can occur anywhere without warning, they did, but thankfully not near here. Well, when I say not near here, about 15 miles north cars were washed away and people had to be rescued from them, one lady had a lucky escape.

b) Shutters down: Saves you having to clean any sandy raindrops off the windows after!

c) Awnings and sunshades outside houses: Are winched in and tucked away, so if a wind gets up there´s no damage incurred, which includes {empty} restaurants and bars doing the same.

Meanwhile back to the flash flooding on roads, it´s got nothing to do with sea water. I assume it´s all about smaller drains which filter into storm drains that occasionally get blocked up with flora and fauna. They´re always hidden away down a steep slope with sandy run offs. We walk past one sometimes depending where we´re going to, and just one day later the sand was bone dry… Nothing had run through that one…! Well I suppose you could say they´re only required on the odd freak occasion. Fortunately the water on our little road that turned into a river runs down into a beautiful HUGE valley.

Anyway, that´s that explained.

I´ve heard a story about a freak sea storm hitting the nearest beach to us several years ago, and flooding some houses on the coast. We´re three miles back from it and up a hill, would´ve had a great view from the roof terrace except our house wasn´t built then…

Jeez, just talking about all this means I need a wee…

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