The Great Thing About A Lifestyle Blog Is

You can take it anywhere. Set aside moving to a different place in the blogosphere, my lifestyle blog follows me wherever I go. It can change and be flexible and be free, rather than static and stuck in the rut of just one subject.

There´s only a handful of bloggers I know who´ve been able to do the same. Moving from one lifestyle to another, and one country to another, taking the same “fresh” blog with them. Not one for blowing my own trumpet, is successful transition.

So here I am, starting all over again with a new domain — not a new blog of course! Oh my, the thought of losing eight years of content and creativity is horrific, good books can be written in one or two years. A point worth mentioning is that when I looked at the stats before the domain change, there´s over 17,000 photos on here! Gobsmacked…

Why is a domain name so important? Relevance is the biggest factor. It´s niggled me a bit that ever since we moved here, the name of a canal boat made up from words that don´t even exist, plus “Heth” (my nick name) tagged on the end was, well, just plain stupid! Yes, I´ll have lost a lot of readers in this process because some folks won´t be able to find my blog for a while. But never mind, that´s what happens.

Why do it now? Simple answer, I´ve caught my first Spanish cold!!! So while sat here coughing and sneezing for a couple of days, it´s given me something to do. No laughing please I feel like “death warmed up” as they would say back in Britain. It´s also been the coldest day here since April too, only 22 degrees C. Apologies to folks who are used to the lower end of the temperature scale and it sounds good, if it makes you feel better there´s been a stiff (also cold) breeze with it…


Anyway, dear reader, if you´ve managed to find me, thank you. If ever this place turns into what I had for breakfast, or how long I spent pegging my washing out, give me a swift kick up the ass will you?

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