Views Of Las Salinas De Torrevieja

Which translated means “The salt lakes of Torrevieja.”

So Chapter Two of our excursion to Torrevieja shows a very different aspect! As stated yesterday, the hotel itself may not have been very pretty to look at. Yet all around it certainly was.

I tried to capture the pink colour of the lake in these photos, clearly visible to the eye but not the camera. However, there’s a subtle hint of pink on two of these photos, where the edge looks like it almost meets the Med in the distance. 

Directly opposite our hotel room with a view…

2015-10-22 12.45.08

The Med on the horizon…

2015-10-22 13.21.17

Hazy mountains on the horizon…

2015-10-22 12.45.17

2015-10-22 13.21.28

2015-10-22 12.45.41

I´ll post some wide angle views, taken from the pool on the roof tomorrow…

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