Meeting Up With Fellow Bloggers In Spain!

Please bear in mind I´m still in “catch up” mode here. The last two blog posts full of salt lakes are to blame. So to set the scene, it was last Tuesday, our second day at the hotel.

As far as arrangements go, Plan A was for our online friends of several years to meet up at our house, whilst on their journey further down the coast. But we weren´t there… Hence we had to implement Plan B, which was to meet up at the hotel instead…

It was so nice to see Paul and Elaine in real life! All four of us are totally on the same wavelength. It was more like meeting up with old friends you haven´t seen for ages, just carry on where you left off. Their excellent lifestyle blog is here. And the mandatory photo shoot is here:

From left to right we have, Dave, Me, Elaine and Bombo, Paul and Sammy…

2015-10-20 15.17.35

Paul and Elaine…

2015-10-20 15.19.41

Paul, Sammy, Elaine, and Bombo…

2015-10-20 15.19.47

So in reality there were six of us, apologies to the doggies if I´ve got the names wrong way round…!

I´ve come to the conclusion we must be unique, six four people who´ve lived outside the confines of a traditional lifestyle for years. Free spirits, while purely by chance creating our own similar paths. Right, that´s the philosophical bit covered.

We didn´t even know each other when:

Heth and Dave sold up house, and moved (all of) 15 miles to live on a canal boat in the UK.

Paul and Elaine lived in Australia, and moved across the world to live on a canal boat in the UK.

We got to know each other through our then “boaty” blogs.

After a few years they sold their boat and bought a motor home to travel around the UK and Europe. Previous to that, we were becoming increasingly disillusioned with life afloat, as were many people around us. Hardened boaters who´d travelled the canal system on a continuous basis began mooring their boats in a marina for winter, and renting property in warmer climes for months on end. Within a year, two different couples on our pier moved abroad for good and left their boats up for sale.

By the end of that year ours was up for sale too, and we had a very vague plan as to “where next” at the time. If the boat sold quick, we´d rent in the UK till a decision was made, but we weren´t staying there! The boat didn´t sell quick, we had time to think, and the decision was to move to Spain. Back and forth we went, learning and researching all the time. Eventually we bought the house here before the boat sold. But couldn´t move to Spain full time, because we decided to spend thousands (literally) and “tart the good ship up.” In other words make it easier to sell up!

At the same time Paul and Elaine were on their way down to Spain in their motor home and rented a property. Us? We were still stuck in the UK with the boat. After we´d finished all the work on it, there came a point whereby we realised that if we left it with the broker, we were free to move on anyway! (That took a while to sink in). Excuse pun.

Crossing paths, they moved back to the UK for a while, and we moved here full time. We had a buyer for the boat and the sail sale went through within the first month of our new life.

In the past couple of months the “two, sorry,, four happy wanderers” have meandered their way down here again in the camper van. Headed for Mojacar, their favourite place. However, to get there they had to go past us two happy natives… 

Well of all the places in all the world fancy meeting you ére…!!

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