The Turkey Baster And A Watering Can

Yet another peculiar blog post heading to be immensely proud of…


Sad really, the turkey baster will never actually meat meet up with a turkey, ever. So just what exactly is it´s purpose in life? Well, there´s always an inspirational story to everything:

On the odd occasion when it rains, the sum total is usually just a few drops (eg: 10 per square metre) if you´re unlucky there´ll be another 10 drops a few hours later. End. However on the extremely odd occasion, it´ll truly belt down for anything up to an hour, which is what happened a few days ago. End.

Exotic plants in pots flourish when there´s an irrigation system “on tap” and a personalised setting for each one. (Takes some tweaking that, but worth it). So each plant sits in a pot, that also sits in a matching plant pot base. But after a huge deluge the bases fill up, can you see where this is going? They don´t like sitting in a bath for too long, and simply switching the irrigation off isn´t enough to get shut. Each plant is far too huge and heavy to lift, so the answer to this dilemma is to suck up all the water with a baster, and fire it into the watering can…

It was Dave who came up with this brilliant idea:

“We could do with something like a turkey baster.” Says he.

“But what for?” Says me.

Then he explained why, I was glad about that, because previous to his brilliant idea we´d been discussing why a new red T-shirt should be washed separately for the first time.

So being as today was an “odd job” day, some of which should have been done yonks ago. I decided to test out the turkey baster, got two full watering can loads of water out of all the trays, and felt very smug about how well it works. Hopefully the plants will too.

8pm at night, there I was outside with the whole garden lit up like a Christmas tree, 22 degrees C, no wind, de-basting plants…         

Bizarre but true, especially when my useful tools are both designed to work the opposite way round…

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