Buy One Get One Not Free

It must be something to do with how the human brain functions. The “decision making” neurons must process things in a sensible, rational way. For example, we needed a new TV upstairs because the other one wouldn´t switch on anymore. Easy. We Dave installed the new one yesterday. There it sits on the bedroom wall looking very pretty indeed, and less importantly it´s also integrated very well with our complex “Get Brit TV in Spain” setup.

So with no technical problems to report or ponder on, those neurons can go back to sleep till they get over the stress involved. However, sometimes there´s room for a grey area to appear, excuse pun.

While we were looking at the modest 26 inch TV´s in the shop, we also had to walk past some very BIG ones to get there… That´s when the “spontaneous idea” neurons kick in saying something like: “Well what about that 36 incher of yours downstairs hmm? It might still work but wouldn´t you prefer a bigger one with a curved screen like, for example that one you´re staring at?”  At this point the sensible neurons wake up and evaluate “IS THIS A WANT OR A NEED?”

Throw caution to the wind! Shout those with spontaneity.

Be rational about it! Shout the sensible ones.

Any attempt to over-rule with the thought “Oh shut up” [in bold] doesn´t help either. The brain carries on arguing with itself regardless. So there you find yourself, stood weighing up the pros and cons of buying something you never went in for, a snip at only €2,300 more…

There was a bonus though, Dave´s brain was also arguing in the exact same way, no need for a referendum then. End result: We´re going to merge rational with spontaneity, and wait for the Christmas sales to start…

However, there´s one question that any remaining logical neurons are asking in unison: “You don´t watch much TV anymore, so why bother…?”  Well forget what the eye doesn´t see, it´s about what it does see… All two of them, or even all four of them when two persons are focused on the same thing.   

Conclusion: So neither of the mind bending thought processes above won. Be it right or wrong, AGREEMENT did. I wonder if Einstein ever processed that theory…

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