The Eleventh Hour Of The Eleventh Day Of The Eleventh Month

Armistice Day, in honour of our troops:

On a personal note, this is Barney, if you´re a long time reader then you may already have noticed him on the blog at this time of year.

This little soldier means a LOT to us…


He never speaks, but look at him, he doesn´t need to…

We took him home after our son´s Passing Out Parade in 2006. Still living in our house at the time, he had pride of place. When we moved onto our boat, he came with us. When we moved to Spain, he came with us. When our son went to war in Afghanistan, he kept him safe.

I have tears in my eyes writing this because to me he represents all our soldiers, past and present. A reminder of the past, never to forget, and hope for the bravest of the brave in the future.

He´s now nine years old and aside from carefully washing his uniform a few times, he stays forever young and in our hearts. Our little mascot, adorned with poppy´s full of respect and honour.

No more words need to be said, sometimes words aren´t enough, except…

Heroes all…

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