As I sit here staring at the screen wondering what to say, my thoughts are with the French people in the country next door to us. Our forefathers gave their lives for OUR FREEDOM and those combative, aggressive, mindless, evil bastards called ISIS are trying to destroy it based on a “religion” that is truly depraved.

I didn’t know if it was a good idea to even write about this, after all, FREEDOM OF SPEECH is now a target. I’m no big deal in the grand scheme of blogging, but I actually felt slightly intimidated and even limited by what can be written when it comes to personal opinion. However, after reading some of the other reports online, this “whore” here doesn’t care. Lets face it we all share the same horror and disgust. Including countries and “factions” who, through historical and present events are not westerner friendly…

So I´m going to look at this from a different angle. How was such hatred created? I haven´t done any research on this, it´s just MY OPINION. (C of E background category).

For the record, like the majority of people, I´m not a religious person. I firmly believe that religion was spawned by story tellers, clever, creative people who´s words were listened to by others in need of entertainment. Being as there wasn´t much else to do at the time except survive, those who had the ability to spin a good yarn got noticed. Listening about intriguing miracles must´ve been absolutely fascinating to the average farmer with a humdrum life. He´d share with his mates, they´d share with theirs and so on. {The beginnings of Farcebook?} Meantime the savvy ones gained the equivalent of fame and fortune, even better, there was something in it for them: 

“Give me a goat or a sheep and I´ll tell you about my next best seller, it´s a good one this! Once upon a time there was a guy called Noah who built an ark, all the animals went in two by two…” Except the average person (the listener) wasn´t very clever in those days and never considered the fact that if it were true, they´d all have devoured each other “one by one” while the coast was still in sight. I mean how he got them all up the gangplank in the first place beggars belief. As for Adam and Eve suddenly appearing in a garden with an apple, a snake, and a missing rib well that was a real corker.

It´s human nature to be curious and have something to believe in. So fairy tales were invented by the elite, and people listened. Over the passage of time, just listening turned into believing. Then the equivalent of Stephen Spielberg came along and realised all these stories could be linked, even starring roles for the same character in every chapter were an option. Blimey he must´ve ended up with a million sheep. The first true entrepreneur.

In the grand scheme of evolution, the same thing was happening in other countries, as in people looking for and discovering the phenomenon of belief from story tellers. Belief evolved into “faith” but which one was correct? Of course without knowing there were any others to choose from each followed their own. Learned behaviour, passed down through the generations.

My own personal faith? Love, life, and happiness – based on fact not fiction.


It´s common knowledge Catholics VS Church of England tolerate each other. Yet even that turned into a war of attrition in Northern Ireland for many years, so why did their differences morph into violence just there and nowhere else? In fighting caused by the equivalent of gangs on both sides. Yes the violence spilled over into the rest of Britain, but the source was based in Ireland. Neither side had any intention of attempting to take over the world. However there is a similarity in principle. A few grudge-bearing fiery old farts spread the word to a disillusioned younger generation, the end result being violence. It can even happen between fellow Christians following a peaceful faith…

So did the Muslim faith begin as one, and slowly, or quickly break off into different sects? Did they tolerate each other for a while before violence and hatred set in? Or was it like that from the very first teaching? After different factions broke away from each other, why was it all based on hatred? Born and bred, brainwashed either way. The source I don´t know and don´t want to!

The majority of Muslims seem to base their faith on peace, (although I disagree with the way the men treat the women). I sometimes wonder if those women who have to wear the hijab and a black shroud from head to toe are secretly jealous of us “sluts” wearing whatever we like. Again, learned behaviour.

It could be said that the teachings of Islam have a lot to answer for. But to be fair, even though the average Muslim lives what to us is a very restricted lifestyle full of rules and regulations that don´t make sense, they don´t believe in violence.

So the factions broke into other factions, and fought between themselves across borders in the middle east. Then Al Qaeda upped the game plan to focus on western countries, ISIS was spawned from AQ and is now in charge. There they sit, terrorists at the top of the league focused on world domination.

CONCLUSION: They´re depraved and absolutely insane.


Today´s post was going to be full of photos, the fun we had last night down at our local bar watching the Spain versus England match. There we all were, Spanish and Brits, the banter was hilarious, and the Brits paid up their bets 20 minutes before the game finished!!! Afterwards we had a party with live music and dancing that went on till 2.30am, all outside of course.

None of us knew anything about what had happened in France, and I can´t bring myself to post photos of us having fun, doing the exact same thing at the exact same time as those who were brutally murdered…

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