For the second day running I`ve been in two minds about what to write on here. Staring at an empty screen yesterday, I could feel the pain from across the border in France, see graphic pictures of human devastation and hear the screams. It was sad inspiration to tone down a rant, and an attempt to work out how those {humans} responsible for such carnage can evolve to become so barbaric and evil. I never got as far as the origin of such hatred, and I´m glad about that, can´t imagine it, and don´t want to know.

A friend of mine sent me a message today, quote:

“Please post up those photos of you and your friends enjoying life because not to do so means that the men of violence have won and I do believe that the victims would want that. Life has to go on and the terrorists need to be shown that we will not be intimidated by their actions.” [Thanks Mel for nudging me away from intimidated speech on this subject]

So in a show of defiance, on the same night at the same time, this is what terrorists will always be devoid of, never to know about FREEDOM, FRIENDS, ENJOYMENT, REAL LIFE, and INNOCENCE:

The Spain VS England match, sat outside our local bar with a mix of Spanish and English fans, Dutch, Irish, and German too. We knew nothing about the horrors unfolding. So I´ll tone down the commentary out of respect for the people of France. 

Pictures tell it all and our way of life will NEVER CHANGE:

Football, the beautiful game…

2015-11-13 22.01.07

Jammin´ session, surrounded by FRIENDS…

2015-11-13 22.39.33

2015-11-13 22.39.06

Well played too…

2015-11-13 22.39.55

Dancin´ with Spanish FRIENDS…

2015-11-13 23.09.07

2015-11-13 23.12.40

2015-11-13 23.09.15

Yep, the arm over the head there meant Spain had just scored…

2015-11-13 22.17.55

English flag in a Spanish bar…

2015-11-13 23.30.03

England had already lost by then but who cares…!

2015-11-13 23.30.13

The winners…

2015-11-13 22.44.56

2015-11-13 23.15.04

She honestly can´t play the guitar, bless her, didn´t stop her trying…

2015-11-14 00.31.26

2015-11-14 00.31.29

SHARING seafood paella…

2015-11-13 19.25.13

We set off for home at 2.45am…


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